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1998. Investissement Québec is created. This organisation gave businesses and investors access to all the programs offered by the Government of Québec. Although it was never stated at the time, the aim of developing Québec’s economy and positioning it as a breeding ground for innovation, productivity and prosperity was truly underway.

2020.The Government of Québec entrusted Investissement Québec with an expanded mandate to support business innovation, entrepreneurship, investment growth and export acceleration. A “new” Investissement Québec is rolled out: the corporation would now offer two wide range of services—financing and advising. In doing so, Investissement Québec becomes a go-to partner in business development.

2023.The government corporation proves to be quite agile—a critical factor for innovation—by constantly adapting to the reality of businesses and the economic situation. The technological, financial and strategic support offered reflects the needs stated in the field and serves as a springboard to greater productivity for businesses and Québec.

As productivity goes hand in hand with innovation, it was crucial for Investissement Québec to support businesses in their innovation projects. Whether dealing with a labour shortage, supply chain issues, digital transformation, sustainable productivity, marketing or export, Investissement Québec has innovative, tailor-made solutions to overcome all these challenges to boost business resilience and competitiveness.

Supporting innovation drives Investissement Québec to be innovative itself. In a changing economic context, keeping the status quo is impossible. Having a new vision of economic response, listening to the needs of businesses and providing scalable support are critical, with a particular focus on sustainable development. To stimulate innovation, you need to know how to take risks. Prioritizing investments that drive productivity is now more necessary than ever to stand out in a turbulent economic climate.

Québec, a favorite with foreign companies
The benefits of doing business in Québec are undeniable. The geographic positioning, the natural resources, a large talent pool and the capacity for innovation are just a few examples. As a result, quite a few foreign companies and their subsidiaries want to set up in Québec. Access to our contacts, referencing, identifying financing programs, support in technological innovation and talent acquisition every year, more than 800 foreign companies take advantage of the personalized support provided by Investissement Québec International to facilitate their setup in Québec.

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