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Invasion Digital Media is a creative agency specializing in digital product creation, automation, and sales funnels. We work as an end-to-end solution specifically for influencers and high traffic businesses on their digital presence and strategy.


There are always new opportunities that arise when there are gaps left in emerging markets. Invasion Digital Media (IDM) was born after partners, Jake Hoffman and Chris Sassouni, noticed a trend within the already booming digital marketplace. Social media usage, digital purchasing, and overall internet reliance have continued to climb to astronomical levels. With the rise in popularity, it has brought a new brand of celebrity or “influencer” not just to the internet, but to the business community as well.

Most big brands and businesses have utilized influencers the same way they have in traditional advertising; by paying them to endorse products and be photographed using the product. On the flip side, creators and artists have historically been under-compensated, if not taken advantage of for their talents.

Invasion Digital Media partners with influencers to provide them with the tools and services to create a fully functioning business model for utilizing their platforms. In short, we enable creators to become business owners. On the more traditional business end, we also enable companies to improve their digital strategy by implementing the same tactics used by the most prominent online businesses and digital marketers in the world.

IDM creates, builds, and markets full digital campaigns for businesses in a way that few others can; by utilizing those that are inventing the newest trends. We focus on selling 100% digital products such as courses, books, and membership websites so that no inventory needs to be purchased.


In the first year, our team has grown to 10 full and part-time employees comprised of photographers, videographers, digital strategists, copywriters, advertising specialists, web developers, and digital marketers. Unlike many traditional agencies, we don’t take work to build out projects and move on to the next, but instead we offer a full solution to individuals and businesses looking to invade the online space for the long term.


The first campaign we launched was a little over a year ago in 2017. Since then our total follower reach is a combined 19 Million people with over 500,000,000 video views. Two of our influencer partners have received YouTube’s Golden Play Button Award for acquiring over 100,000 subscribers. Our videos, clips, and interviews have been featured nationally on ESPN, UFC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Oxygen, MTV, Fox, and many more.

Our current partners include a list of professional athletes and sports agents, fitness & health personalities, digital marketing influencers, professional fishermen, blockchain companies, and more.

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