> Introducing INNOVATE™ Madrid

INNOVATE™ Madrid is an authentic, timeless, and beautiful new publication from the creators of the Innovations Of The World, launching in in 2022.

Edited and published by Global Village Publishing, it is a rich, legacy book and web platform covering ideas, innovations and those leading the way in Madrid’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in both English and Spanish.

Marte Martin, the local publishing partner, and the publishing associate David Tait will unpack the ecosystem of Madrid and publish INNOVATE™ Madrid to showcase and celebrate the visionaries, innovators, and organizations launching Madrid into the innovation economy and the world of tomorrow.

Global Village Publishing is the leading international publisher covering the new economy of ideas, a kind of techno urban paradigm which is emerging around the world – very revealing and interesting to study, and which is going to present multiplying possibilities to us.

Innovations Of the World now lands in Madrid to unite and showcase the best of Madrid’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. After the ongoing successes of INNOVATE™ Montreal, INNOVATE™ Miami, INNOVATE™ Oeiras and more, we are very excited to announce the launch of INNOVATE™ Madrid, leading the way by taking the first steps into the Spanish-speaking world, showcasing the thought leaders, enterprises and institutions that make Madrid such an important place for innovation and the world.

An economy of ideas

We’ve entered a new era of innovation driven by ideas and creative talent and which is behind the acceleration of technology. We have come to realize this phenomenon not only because we can see it in many places and industries around the world, but also because we intuitively sense it through our day-to-day experiences. In a world of ideas, we all profit and benefit from each other’s ideas.

Great cities in the context of innovation

The great cities in the context of innovation are those that have the ability to operate outside the confined influences of the status quo. Cities such as Austin, Toronto and Miami are examples of how innovative cities can revolutionize and redefine a country’s economy by providing a safe zone where a new economic model and culture can evolve.

Innovations Of The World

“Every city around the world is competing on an economic level and it’s all about growing and building their ecosystem. It’s all about entrepreneurship, startups, funding, talent and it can be like a rat race because each city needs to harness their Ecosystem. We, at Global Village Ventures, play a major role in mapping that out by publishing the book. We get the opportunity to share all the players and what they are up to in a print and digital format. This leads to collaboration, it leads to funding and it leads to business both locally and abroad.”, Sven Boermeester, CEO of Global Village Publishing.


Beyond its authenticity, quality of life and Castilian essence, Madrid is home to a unique creative and energetic scene very much capable of putting Madrid on the map of top ecosystems in the world.

By putting together all the stories of Madrid’s innovation together in a beautifully bound book and web display, we want to give the city the recognition that it deserves for its creativity and entrepreneurship. The book will detail all aspects of Madrid’s industry, from its gastronomy to biotechnology, and will include a unique augmented reality series allowing for the pages to come to life with video and interactivity.

We want Madrid’s innovative and pioneering spirit to be represented to the world and open the door to a whole world of potential in other Spanish-speaking countries.

Join us to discover what industries, organizations and individuals are launching Madrid into the innovation economy and the world of tomorrow. Let’s celebrate their stories, and let’s create impact.

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