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If you manage transportation systems or operate/develop solutions for vehicle fleets, you already know that modern cities are faced with many challenges, many of them related to mobility, data collection, and implementation of innovative processes. To accelerate innovation and optimize operations, modern cities and fleet operators need simple, efficient tools. Intersect has built a platform that allows you to take control of data collection devices, integrate systems, and create workflows that reflect your operational requirements.

With Intersect, cities and fleet operators no longer need to install and manage one hardware onsite per function, as all the software, updates and links can be done remotely. The platform is open, allowing more developers and innovators to create more solutions with reduced time to market and maximum flexibility.

Intersect offers a complete set of tools for developers and operators with APIs, functional blocks, complete existing applications and software development kits that enable the creation of simple or complex data collection and operation systems.

After five years of Research and Development Intersect is emerging as the IoT platform of choice when connected vehicles and urban data integration are required. With headquarters in Mirabel, 30 minutes North of Montreal, this young high-tech development team has put together a hardware and software package that includes connecting vehicles and things together to improve the quality of life in cities. The team is focused on applying the recent advances in technology to create easy to use building blocks, which in turn will allow others to create new functionalities and business models.

With the new paradigms of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things changing the landscape, data integration has become the #1 challenge for cities, DOTs, and fleet operators. In order to make informed, timely and accurate decisions, you need good data!

Intersect is built to allow every city or mobile asset owner to seamlessly collect and use all available data sources, in real-time, without the need for any software knowledge and with simple drag and drop operations. Furthermore, Intersect operates as an open platform, and any third party can create software to use that data to optimize operations or perform computations, in a secure and controlled environment.

Simply put, Intersect is the missing link to simplify systems integration for customized vehicle manufacturers as well as consultants and cities that need to combine operations with data collection to allow new optimizations and business models to take place.

With its onboard drivers supporting all major wireless technologies such as Bluetooth (2,4,5), WiFi, DSRC, 4G (cellular), Xbee, LoRa, and geolocation as well as multiple interfaces built-in, Intersect simplifies the process of creating mobile assets applications, with cost reductions up to six times over traditional integration techniques.

Over the years, the Intersect team has gained in-depth knowledge about connected vehicles technologies and Internet of Things tools that allow them to support its integration partners and facilitate the creation of new on-board telematics, functions, and interactions. Some of its achievements include the implementation of the first connected intersection and autonomous shuttle on open roads in Canada (2018), the first connected LED signs (2017), and many more innovative solutions for its clients and partners.

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