Aims To Develop Inquiring, Knowledgeable And Open-Minded Lifelong Learners Who Aspire To Build A better Tomorrow Through A Supportive, Respectful, And Caring Environment Promoting Learning Through Sharing. We Are Dedicated To Achieving Enjoyment And Excellence In Education for All

ISS is different from other educational establishments as we promote differentiated teaching in a unique, innovative way, creating opportunities for all children to progress and use their diverse social and cultural backgrounds. At ISS, we have developed a distinctive pedagogical programme, and have then redesigned our building to suit our pedagogical needs and to enhance the learning experience we provide our students, families and teachers.

Our pedagogical programme was created using the International Baccalaureate framework as a base, and further developed by the schools’ board of administration – Miguel, Francisco and Filipe: 3 young brothers under 30 who have travelled the 4 corners of the world for around a decade to study and work, bringing together their experiences and creating a multicultural and multilingual curriculum based on Learning Through Sharing. Today, International Sharing School is the only International School in Portugal offering the IB Programme for students aged 4 months old to 18 year-olds.

The School was founded in 2006 by the executives’ parents: a Business and Management university professor / businessman and a primary school teacher, who acquired a school with 40 students and 15 staff members.

Today, ISS has a global team of around 150 staff and 500 students. Our internationally qualified and experienced teachers and staff are the core of our school. That is what makes ISS unique: our management is focused on providing the best educational experience to our students, teachers and families. This sole working structure provides a feeling of ownership and pride among all our school community. ISS is a School for the community, not the shareholders.

Our school community of teachers, staff, students, and parents work in close collaboration to:
• Provide a safe, supportive, and caring environment;
• Emphasize the values of integrity, respect, tolerance, and trust;
• Implement internationally recognized and transferable curricula;
• Develop independent, creative, and critical thinking students;
• Prepare students for higher education worldwide and international careers;
• Promote the global goals for sustainable development by emphasizing the need to
protect and preserve our planet, working together as a global society to build a better future;
• Encourage a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The acquisition and sharing of knowledge is part of a larger framework designed to develop skills and attitudes, which drives an inquiry and concept-based continuous learning process. The ISS team follows an interdisciplinary approach to build on the children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm to develop their ability to think critically and analytically, seeing connections among ideas and being imaginative and creative actors in their learning process.

As for the future of International Sharing School, we are expanding to newly refurbished buildings, and developing our infrastructure and school surroundings to promote a healthier and happier educational experience, creating a strong connecting with the indoor and outdoor teaching, and always promoting the core of ISS – Learning Through Sharing.


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