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Interactive Scientific is a start-up company, here to connect humans to the invisible scientific world so that our customers can solve science-related problems more quickly and more collaboratively. Nobody can see
atoms and molecules so we are using digital technology to virtualise and visualise science.


Our core technology is a molecular innovation platform that uses immersive and cloud technology in order to make invisible scientific concepts visible. Our customers are Science-Led Enterprises, for example, the pharmaceutical industry, who are using digital approaches to improve the return on R&D investment and who need to find ways to better collaborate and communicate both inside and outside of their organisations.

The technology is one part of our differentiator, we have found a way to take scientific data and make it visible and interactive. What really sets us apart is the interdisciplinary nature of the company, which means that we look at the solution we are developing in a different way to more homogeneous teams. Rather than just focusing on “cool” technology experiences that we produce, we use creative approaches to consider how technology can be transformative across the scientific ecosystem.

As the use of data to run organisations accelerates (e.g. the use of AI for drug discovery) it is important that we think about how to validate the information and make the insights accessible to diverse teams. Using immersive and visualisation approaches we can quickly and easily aid collaboration and communication of these insights.

Bristol is a special place to work because of the genuine community that exists here. People don’t just pay lip-service to supporting each other, we actually do! Dr. Becky Sage, CEO of Interactive Scientific, says of the Bristol ecosystem:

“I grew up here and it wasn’t until I moved away in my mid-twenties that I realised how open-minded and creative Bristol is as a city. It is much less siloed than many other cities that I have worked in. Through the challenging and the good times with the business there are people that we can call, we are part of the SetSquared incubator and that has been very important, helping us to find opportunities and support and for amplifying our successes.”

Interactive Scientific has already been through many phases since formation in 2013, the wide-spread use of digital technology in Science- Enterprises is projected to grow quickly over the next 10 years, however, the use of tools like ours is in early stages so we have had to find ways of keeping going and carrying out customer education in an emerging market. This has involved carrying out projects, pivoting and working with partners to raise our profile. Funders such as Innovate UK and Ufi Charitable Trust have been instrumental in helping us to develop during the early stages, they understood the vision from the start.

A highlight for us was being chosen by Oracle to be part of their Your Tomorrow Today PR campaign, we appeared on billboards all over the world and got a lot of useful press coverage, including a slot on Sky News. Association with a global partner is very helpful, it has made us stand out above other companies at a similar stage to us.

Although we have been going for a number of years, this still feels like the beginning, we have built strong foundations and we are working to achieve our goal to be a major player in the digital transformation of Science-Led Enterprises, which will ultimately lead to a more productive, diverse, collaborative scientific ecosystem, solving global challenges together.

Interactive Scientific

Engine Shed, Station Approach
Bristol, BS1 6QH

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