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A Leader in the Development of Lipid-Based Nanomedicines for Human Health

Founded in 2014 by a group of entrepreneur-scientists, Integrated Nanotherapeutics (INT) is a leader in the development of lipid-based nanomedicines for human health.


Our Core Beliefs

Drug therapies should only go to where they are needed in the body Side effects can be greatly reduced or eliminated using specialized drug delivery carriers Many drugs can be made better using nanomedicines technology Advances in drug discovery and genomic research have resulted in many promising drugs or bioactive agents with impressive potential in disease treatment. Unfortunately, many of these agents fall short to become life-saving therapeutics due to their inherent properties and undesirable side effects, such as the inability to enter disease cells and the interaction with healthy tissues.


Our Solution

Drug delivery systems are carefully designed technologies that bring drugs to their required sites of action and release them in a controlled manner. The mission of INT is to engineer and develop biocompatible lipid-based delivery systems that allow various drugs to reach their full therapeutic potential as safe and effective nanomedicines. The drug delivery industry is highly competitive, but INT has an edge that allows the company to solve major problems faced by the pharmaceutical industry.

While most delivery systems are restricted to a specific type of drug, INT’s scaffold-lipid platform technology allows almost any drug (small molecules, nucleic acids or peptides) to be efficiently encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, the most clinically advanced drug delivery system to-date.

INT is currently exploiting this easy-to-use, flexible platform technology to develop new nanomedicines for a multitude of conditions, including autoimmune diseases and cancers. The versatility and robustness of the technology also allows INT to provide innovative solutions to biomedical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide in advancing lipid based delivery systems for small molecules, peptide and nucleic acids as novel therapeutics for various diseases.


Our Team

Vancouver is recognized as a centre of excellence in nanomedicines research and innovation. INT was founded by 9 scientists from the University of British Columbia who wanted to bring together their world-class expertise in drug delivery, medicinal chemistry and immunology. Our team has over 80 years of combined experience in nanomedicines research and development, and our prior research contributions have led to 4 currently approved lipid-based nanomedicines on the market (Abelcet®, Myocet®, Marqibo®, Onpattro®). Our commercialization track record in this space is strong, with several co-founders having successfully established other nanomedicines companies in the past.

“It is an exciting time to be in this space, with new lipid-based nanomedicines in mature stages of development and approved for clinical use,” says INT CEO and co-founder Dr. Chris Tam. “Various pharmaceutical companies are recognizing the value and potential of lipid-based delivery systems, and opportunities are arising in many therapeutic areas, particularly in vaccines development as a response to the recent global pandemic. We envision INT will play a key role in engineering new nanomedicines and in supporting other innovation efforts to improve human health.”

Our Future

Going forward, our plan is to expand our scientific team, advance our current research and development programs in gene therapy and immune tolerance, and strengthen the INT intellectual property portfolio, which currently comprises several issued and pending patents related to our proprietary platform technology. We will also continue to collaborate with researchers in academia and industry to fortify Vancouver’s position as the top innovator in nanomedicines development.

Integrated Nanotherapeutics

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