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Disrupting And Improving Learning Management Systems

To support the journey of lifelong learning for its 30 million users, Instructure is expanding its impact in education, growing into the employee development market, and supporting the connection between the academic and professional worlds.

2008 marked the beginning of the era of digital transformation, which disrupted industries around the world by solving offline problems with online, cloud-based innovation. That same year Instructure was born, brought to life by two grad students eager to apply the principle of digital transformation to disrupt and improve learning management systems.

Instructure worked alongside schools during this transition, creating deep and meaningful relationships with teachers to facilitate classroom change and advancement. Canvas was the first cloud-based LMS to change the market, benefiting millions of students and teachers around the world.

That was the first chapter in the story of Instructure. Our second chapter began under the direction of Dan Goldsmith, who was appointed as CEO in 2019.

When corporations familiar with Canvas began to license and adapt it to help with their employee learning programs, Instructure decided to look at who else would benefit from a cloud-based learning management environment. Instructure found a growing demand from corporations eager to build out effective employee learning and growth programs.

Instructure is uniquely positioned to drive the employee development market. It created Bridge from scratch to help corporate customers address their ever-growing needs around employee learning and development. The Bridge Employee Development Platform sits on the front lines of businesses while complementing back-office HR systems. It empowers employers and managers to inspire and motivate employees.

But a new generation of students and employees is emerging that wants to extend their potential, amplify their impact, and be lifelong learners. Instructure is facilitating the convergence of the academic and professional worlds supporting growth and development beyond graduation throughout a career.

Instructure has grown from two students traveling the United States in an old Geo Metro to gather teacher and learner feedback to a corporation of over 1,300 employees and $209 million in annual revenue. Its employees are driven by a common mission focused on lifelong learning and by our company values: Ownership, Relationships, Openness, & Simplicity.


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