Is An Open Innovation Organization That Links Researchers From The Best Universities (Solvers ) From All Over The World To Organizations (Seekers ) That Need To Innovate

Our solution is based on the gap that exists in the academic world (where there are innovative solutions) and the business world (who need innovative solutions).

We accelerate our customer’s innovation through an innovative and break-through approach to innovation management based on a prize-based open innovation platform using blockchain payment solutions.

InoCrowd has Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain that match our 1.6 million Researchers with the Challenges posted on our Platform providing a good match-making engine and a set of incentives to keep the community of Solvers growing and active, while being completely transparent, secure and decentralized.

InoCrowd was programmed with algorithms from libraries and guess switch algorithms that make the match between the Seekers needs and the Skills of the Solvers to be 100%.

We have a 95% success rate and we can find innovative solutions in 4-6 weeks.

Example of companies that are already using InoCrowd services are: Volkswagen; Bosch; Vinci; BASF; EDP; Ana Airports, Metro do Porto among others.

InoCrowd has won five awards for the best innovator:

Business: Movimento Millenium; CINC 5, Start-UP Chile, Tech Media and Eban Share Deals, Prémio Femina 2015 and was nominated as the best Start-Up Global Awards, by Hewlett Packard and in 2018 was awarded an honorable mention on the internet category by Exame Informática.


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