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Innovation runs deep in the DNA of the Université de Sherbrooke. To innovate, it dares to think differently and builds on its culture of partnerships.

Since its creation, UdeS has closely collaborated with the business, industrial and community sectors.

Today, this proximity makes UdeS a key partner that organizations naturally turn to when they want to innovate.

The university’s student community also develops in this partnership-rich environment. Undergraduate to post-doctoral students benefit from high-quality experiential learning and practical training based on organizations’ real needs.

A history of innovation at UdeS
• First institution to introduce an alternating paid work-study component to its programs over 50 years ago
 Every year, students perform 5,000 internships at nearly 2,000 organizations

• Partner with the Quebec government’s first two designated innovation zones: Sherbrooke quantique and Technum Québec (Bromont)
• Founding partner of the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI), which has become the largest industrial development and research centre for critical digital technology components in Canada
• Founding partner in the Platform for Digital and Quantum Innovation (PINQ2)
• Average invention commercialization rate of 43%, the highest in North America, in partnership with Axelys
• Launch of 135 business projects and over 400 jobs with the Accelerator for the Creation of Technological Businesses and the Accélérateur entrepreneurial Desjardins
• Ranked 1st in Canada in terms of research revenue growth over 20 years
 87.6% research revenue growth since 2017

 Ranked 2nd in terms of growth in corporate research revenue
• Launched 280 university projects in response to organizational needs through its Business Partnership Group, which stimulates collaborative research in all fields
 $96M in generated revenue

Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation: From research to knowledge transfer
At 3IT, research stems from a desire to find solutions to today’s issues. At the heart of the integrated innovation chain, the 3IT is a true springboard that propels innovation to benefit all of society.

Integrated Innovation Chain
This innovation chain has indeed proved its viability over the past 10 years, with over $1 billion in investments, 60% of which come from private partners.

This chain has led to the development and commercialization of technology solutions thanks to the synergy of three industry leaders:

Institut quantique (IQ): Bringing together experts in quantum materials, quantum information and quantum engineering, the IQ conducts high-quality basic research and develops the quantum technologies of the future.

Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT): A community focused on partnership research in digital and quantum infrastructure, health technologies, renewable energies, robotics, and the relationship between technology and society.

MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI): A world-class centre of 400 industrial installations and over 250 scientists that propels the development of advanced technological solutions in microelectronics and their transfer into market-ready products.

Impact of the Integrated Innovation Chain
• 1800 people in research and development serving the industry
• 250 industrial partners, most of which are SMEs
• 200 highly qualified people trained in industrial environments each year in Quebec
• 2200 quality jobs created or kept in Quebec

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