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First Pictures of the book

The first advance copies of INNOVATE® San Diego have just landed and the book is beautiful! Job well done Daphne Fletcher and team!

This book is a shining example of an Innovation Ecosystem that stands together to promote their city and its Entrepreneurs.

Front Cover of the INNOVATE® San Diego Coffee Table Book.

Getting a beautiful coffee table book together in the middle of a pandemic was not easy. Kudos to Daphne Fletcher and the team for getting some of the most interesting companies in San Diego onboard.

The great news is that we finally received the first advance copies of the ebook – after shutdowns, print delays, social distancing, shipping, and a bunch of other challenges the Global Village team still managed to get a book printed and it is beautiful!

Have a look at the pictures below to see how the book came out.

When will I get my Books?

I’m sure that is the question on everyone’s minds.

The books have all been printed and are on their way to San Diego for distribution. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, we do not have an exact date for that to happen. As it stands right now the books will arrive in San Diego around Christmas. This is due to shipping delays caused by delays at US ports.

We will keep you updated on the exact delivery time as soon as we have that. With the other books we completed recently we found that the ETA changes wildly depending on the situation at the ports. Often times they clear quicker than we expected but let’s not bank on that.

I will send out regular updates leading up to the final delivery. Early next week I will be sending out a form to complete with updated delivery details – we found that the situation at many companies changed so we just want to make sure we get the books to the correct address as soon as they land.

Enjoy some more pics of the book below.



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