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We are the innovation engine for UCalgary, one of the top research universities in Canada. We support existing business models while nurturing innovative and disruptive thinking through a plethora of services such as providing IP/patent support for University of Calgary (UCalgary) faculty, managing an investment fund, managing unique facilities for research-intensive ventures and being a professional development training ground for students, entrepreneurs and startups.

Innovate Calgary is situated within University Innovation Quarter (UIQ), an existing innovation ecosystem spanning across 76 acres that is currently being revitalized to support economic growth, innovation advancements, and UCalgary research.

Supporting the University of Calgary to create more startup companies than any other Canadian research institution, Innovate Calgary provides a launchpad for researchers and startups to disrupt the status quo and build new solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. However, we go beyond traditional technology transfer services to include focused startup support programs and services for research-intensive companies.

Cody and Jared Doolan received UCeed funding for Illucidx, a medical equipment and supplies manufacturing company that creates disease diagnostic tools for developed countries to deploy in low-income countries

Innovate Calgary manages UCeed, UCalgary’s group of early-stage investment funds. Backed by philanthropic support, UCeed accelerates UCalgary and community-based startup companies to advance innovation, create jobs and fuel the economy. In the first three years of operation, we have invested $3.7M into 30 companies in a range of industries including health tech and socially purposed organizations. We also operationalize Western Canada’s first university-based private equity fund, managed by and for students, where we provide guidance and training for the next generation of venture capital and private equity professionals.

But as the adage goes, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” The Life Sciences Innovation Hub has helped establish Calgary as a destination for health startups through several partnerships and by liaising with key players in the life sciences ecosystem. Alberta has identified digital health as a strategic priority area, and we are excited to be a part of that journey by providing world-class labs, equipment and facilities, collaboration space and professional development opportunities. Further, health-tech and biomedical startups have easy access to clinical trials and regulatory services through the Integrated Management Platform to Accelerate Clinical Trials (IMPACT) at the Life Sciences Innovation Hub. Our IMPACT program helps early- or mid-stage ventures conduct clinical trials and secure regulatory and market approvals for new health-related inventions with less capital.

We don’t just focus on life science ventures. Our newly launched Energy Transition Center in partnership with Avatar Innovations, plays a pivotal role in upskilling and training Highly Qualified Professionals (HQPs) and seeding local start-ups for Calgary’s energy transition economy. We have also launched a Social Innovation Hub that connects changemakers with community-led programming, cross-sectoral networks, coaching, mentorship, and access to capital and space to help launch or scale their innovation.

The road of a startup can be rocky with many failing within the first two years. At Innovate Calgary, we are passionate about commercialization, innovation, and contributing to the startup community so that more startups can thrive. We want to support the success of as many researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs as possible, which motivates us to find new and creative ways to support the ecosystem. Through our tech transfer services, funding opportunities, community partnerships and programs, Innovate Calgary is uniquely positioned to help with intellectual property, patents, licensing, startup development and connection with industry. We look forward to working with you to help develop your idea into impact!.

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