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Dr. Danielle Chavalarias created InnerOptimal, Inc. with her daughter Marie-Laure Wagner-Hunsaker in 2006 in Encinitas, CA 92024. Their combined experience in improving people‘s brain power is over 45 years. Internationally recognized speaker, Dr. Danielle Chavalarias is a renowned expert in Brain Optimization & the power of the Mind. She has spoken extensively in the USA, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, and Gabon. She is currently the CEO of InnerOptimal, Inc.

Danielle, Marie-Laure and their team help adults as well as kids achieve Peak Performance, improve their Memory, Focus, and overcome Anxiety and Stress.

Using cutting edge technology to optimize the brain, they also achieve amazing results with Depression and Sleep disorders, P.T.S.D, Addictions, Anger management, ADHD, Emotional and Cognitive issues.
They both believe a Young and Vibrant Brain is possible at any age!

Dr Danielle says: “Traditionally, lots of techniques or healing methods focus on an issue; a target. In contrast, at InnerOptimal we focus on the person as a Whole. Often multiple issues converge to the same cause, and this is where InnerOptimal excels!”

Dr Danielle frequently witnesses roadblocks, inherent to life Events, preventing people from performing at their full potential. Marie-Laure specializes in revealing these roadblocks and teaching you how to enhance your potential to overcome your roadblocks.


Relative values of the Survival brain, Limbic system, Neocortex.
Green: Survival part of the brain.
Blue: Limbic system.
Red: NeoCortex.
We see that this woman is currently disturbed, deeply worried by recurring negative thoughts that are making her mull things over. She is involved in a certain number of concerns taking up a big part of her mental energy. Her mental energy is low, leading her to refuse and avoid further hardship as well as change.


Green: Survival part of the brain.
Blue: Limbic system.
Red: NeoCortex.
This woman was preoccupied by several causes and she is regaining her ability to face new situations with increasing ease. Currently she has good physical energy, she is essentially sociable. Her mental energy is good to play an active part in her efficiency and her flow. She is totally ready to face any potential danger. She has appropriate response either by flight or fight, according to circumstances. Cognitive anxiety is limited. Goals are in harmony with current abilities.


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