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Bridging Innovation And Integrity For Over 40 Years

Not Many Tech Companies Have Led Two Industries for 40+ Years.

Then again, not many have been around for 40 years in the first place. Founded in 1977 by two University of Florida professors, Infotech develops infrastructure construction software solutions and provides expert statistical and econometric consulting. We’ve maintained our reputation in two complex industries by making constant innovation a priority. We view innovation as a way of moving down a path toward our goals. By honing in on incremental innovation—small, focused improvements—we continue to build the momentum that has powered us forward for decades. And will for decades to come.

Fast Facts

  • 300+ employees and growing
  • Average employee tenure of 10 years
  • LEED Gold certified headquarters in Celebration Pointe

Where Are All the Best Tech Companies Founded?

Garages, of course! In 1977, Dr. Jim McClave started Infotech in his garage as a legal consultancy. As a side hustle, Dr. McClave authored introductory statistics textbooks that are still in use today. Meanwhile, co-founder Dr. Tom Rothrock was just finishing up his PhD thesis on the statistical analysis of sealed bid markets. After several successful collaborations, Dr. McClave invited Dr. Rothrock to join Infotech and the rest, as they say, is history.

Two Businesses, One (Solar-Paneled) Roof

Our Systems and Consulting businesses may be distinct, but we’re united by the dual spirit of integrity and innovation present since our founding.

Tapping into Expansive Human Potential

Like all tech professionals, we’re obsessed with playing around with new tech, ideas, and concepts. So much so, we built it into our corporate calendar. Regular hackathons bring teams together to demo new product or process concepts, while Project Launch ensures our best thinkers can pitch new ideas year round—because innovative ideas come from every corner of the company.

A History of Innovation

  • 1977: Founded in Dr. Jim McClave’s garage
  • 1981: Helped win $30 million bid-rigging case for Florida DOT
  • 1982: Started developing software for analyzing bidding activities 1985: Sold early software to American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) beginning a partnership that still exists today
  • 1991: Continued to break settlement records with ~$100 million infant formula price-fixing case
  • 1997: Developed software for estimation and online bidding that are still in use today
  • 2002: Developed construction administration software Appia® to open new markets
  • 2007: Celebrated 30th anniversary shortly after hitting $20 million in revenue
  • 2012: Launched a number of apps that introduced mobile tech to job sites
  • 2017: Moved into new corporate headquarters in Celebration Pointe
  • 2019: Earned LEED Gold certification and launched new company brand


“How often have you failed? How often has an idea been brought to the table and you did something about it, then threw it away? It may not work, but you learned from it. Having those results is how you put innovation into practice instead of just talking about it.”

- Will McClave, President of Systems

Innovation is a People Business

Our strategy for giving back is simple—we believe in effectively using our time and resources to better our community. We might be a tech office, but our volunteers are out there swinging hammers for Habitat for Humanity, our house band hosts fundraising concerts, and we’ve been known to judge our neighborhood science fairs from time to time. We’ve even started a local startup support program to share our talent with some of the best ideas in town. Gainesville is bursting with new ways for the community to rally together and Infotech is always searching for local innovation to sponsor in as many ways as we can.

“Innovation is a way of moving down a path towards a goal. Every now and then, world-changing ideas come up, but just as important are the small, incremental things that make a user experience better. Those are the ones that add up.”

- Bob Dehoff, Associate Vice President for Strategy and Innovation

Creation and Recreation Go Hand-In-Hand

To promote innovation, it’s necessary to cultivate an environment where free thought thrives. Our LEED Gold–certified headquarters includes a roof garden, white noise generator, and retro arcade room to keep good ideas flowing. And with solar panels, low-flow fixtures, and Florida-friendly landscaping, it’s a place we’re proud to call home—Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, of course.

“Diversity without inclusion is merely a catchphrase.”

- Usha Suryadevara, Director of Product Development

An Empowered, Diverse Workforce

We believe that diverse teams produce diverse thinking, so we make it a priority to hire the best minds from different cultures and backgrounds. And with a tech stack that’s as diverse as our workforce, our developers benefit from ample choice, as well as a stipend for investing in new technology.


2970 Sw 50th Terrace
Gainesville, Florida 32608

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