As a not-for-profit, national centre of expertise for the digital economy, ICTC strengthens Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy. Through trusted research, practical policy advice, and innovative capacity-building programs, ICTC fosters globally competitive Canadian industries empowered by innovative and diverse digital talent. In partnership with a vast network of industry leaders, academic partners, and policy makers from across Canada, ICTC empowers a robust and inclusive digital economy.

With a core team of over 90 highly qualified professionals across Canada and a large network of industry leaders, policy makers, and academic institutions, ICTC offers a unique value proposition of research and evidence-based policy advice that are anchored in workforce and enterprise solutions.

Our team is comprised of economists, researchers, analysts, engineers, program managers, social scientists, public relations and outreach specialists with the passion to advance Canada’s digital agenda. Our values are anchored in our independence and drive for advancing what is right for Canada’s economy and society in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

ICTC Evidence-Based Research and Policy Advice
As an independent, neutral policy advisor, ICTC offers specialized knowledge and an informed perspective on digital policy in support of government and business leaders. ICTC is a recognized and authoritative source of research in technology, investments, economy, and the labour market. We adhere to the highest research standards and leverage our networks to help shape policies that enable Canadians to seize national and global digital opportunities.

The range of our research and policy advice extends to hundreds and wide-ranging publications of critical importance to Canadians. Most recently, this includes the Future of Work, Agri-Food Technology, an Industrial Strategy for Canadian Artificial Intelligence, Health Technology, Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, Investment Attraction, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain, to name only a few.

ICTC Capacity Building Programs Rooted in Research
ICTC is a leader in developing workforce and enterprise solutions with a focus on delivering talent programs to enable Canadian businesses access the right talent with the right skills. In its programming, ICTC fosters globally competitive Canadian industries empowered by diverse and innovative talent.

ICTC has developed a multitude of capacity-building programs that help individuals and organizations build digital skills and adopt technologies to better participate and compete in a global economy. Our key programs include WIL Digital, a student work placement program that is creating over 6,500 experiential learning opportunities in English and French across Canada; Youth Dividend, which provides recent graduates with meaningful work experience to help transition to full-time employment with a 96% success rate; Edge Up, a flagship program in partnership with Calgary Economic Development (CED) that transitions displaced oil and gas workers to in-demand jobs in Alberta; and the Talent Acquisition for the Digital Economy (TADE) program, which helps small businesses in Alberta access, hire, and retain critical digital talent to support digital transformation and growth. ICTC also has various coast-to-coast programs, including CyberTitan, a youth cybersecurity competition initiative targeting middle and secondary school students; the Ambassador program, which champions women leadership and gender equality; and the GO Talent program, which connects internationally trained professionals with Canadian businesses.

Leading with innovative solutions for the job market, ICTC has launched the iAdvance™ initiative to pave the way for the future of work and competency-based learning through skills mapping, training pathways, and micro-certifications that match talent demand from industry.

Canada’s Digital Future
ICTC participates in a variety of wide-ranging forums and speaking engagements at leading national and international events, but this February 1 and 2, 2022, we launched ICTC Horizon to explore the future of Canada’s digital prospects in tomorrow’s economy. This summit is the largest of its kind, bringing together 60 plus speakers and panelists and over 3,000 participants, including industry leaders, policy makers, innovators, and community representatives. ICTC Horizon featured luminary keynote speakers such as Dr. Roberta Bondar, First Canadian Woman in Space; Ron Keller, Expert on International Financial, Economic and Geopolitical Matters; and Johan Rockström, Internationally Recognized Scientist on Global Sustainability Issues, among others.


ICTC looks forward to continuing to work with its partners and stakeholders to bring exceptional research, policy, and innovative programming in our pursuit of enabling an innovative and globally competitive digital economy for Canada.

Join us in this important mission!

• 25+ years of capacity building initiatives
• ICTC has staff and offices in cities across Canada and overseas! Find us in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, North Bay, Huntsville, Montreal, Halifax, St John, and other Canadian cities.

Recent ICTC Publications:
• Uncharted Waters: A World-class Canadian E-learning Paradigm
• Canadian Agri-food Technology: Sowing the Seeds for Tomorrow
• Onwards and Upwards: Digital Talent Outlook 2025
• Digital Transformation: The Next Big Leap in Healthcare
• Canadian Findings on the Future of Work
• Work in Progress: Emerging Smart City Occupations
• Just Press “Print”: Canada’s Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem
• Responsible Innovation in Canada and Beyond: Understanding and Improving the Social Impacts of Technology; and other titles

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