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Industrial designers contribute to the creation of the products that you interact with. Whether you are a farmer, athlete, therapist, circus performer or manufacturer, it is likely that an industrial designer has been involved in the design of the experiences, services and products that you use on a daily basis. Industrial design is a cross-disciplinary field that combines technological and social innovation as it places the human at the center of its process.

INEDI’s role as a college centre for the transfer of technology (CCTT) is to elevate the practice of industrial design through applied research, technical assistance and training. Our approach is essentially based on collaboration: each of our projects involves a multidisciplinary team driven by the desire to provide concrete results that meet users’ needs.

Julie Descormiers Director General

Our team employs a diverse range of technological tools and harnesses multiple areas of expertise to execute their design projects. For instance, we utilize virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments to facilitate collaborative co-creation, validation, and product presentations, thereby contributing significantly to resolving logistical challenges, reducing prototyping expenses, mitigating labor shortages, and addressing social inclusion issues. In addition, other specialists within the team focus on human factors and ergonomics when it comes to designing, enhancing, adapting, and validating products. Their research aims to make designs more inclusive and adaptable to the evolving needs of the target populations. Lastly, our experts make use of additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping, but also as a catalyst for thinking and experimentation within the context of the circular economy and ecodesign through reuse of materials.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire, equip and support agents of change to cocreate products that improve quality of life for everyone.

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