Industrial Aerobotics

John Wolcott, Owner

Industrial Aerobotics, located in Glendale, Arizona, has been at the forefront of the rapidly evolving commercial drone industry specializing in mapping and inspections for the Construction and Energy verticals.

We specifically specialize in fully autonomous data capture and its post-production into highly accurate and actionable, maps, models, and inspection reports. Data captures occur with the highest resolution Optical, Infrared and Laser sensors available; mounted to the most advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) that navigate solely by computers and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Innovation Story

Industrial Aerobotics was formed in 2007 under the original name of Aerial Photostore. In its original state, the company utilized single and multi-engine manned aircraft to capture high-resolution photographs for use in construction planning and commercial marketing. Although aerial imaging was possible using this method, it had many drawbacks and hurdles keeping the end product from being ideal. In addition to the obvious cost component of manned aircraft operations, the speed and altitude restrictions for such operations left much to be desired even with the most advanced imaging sensors onboard. Finally, the extreme risk of manned flight and the safety implications of errors brought a welcome to the development of civil Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) hardware and the regulations necessary to allow their use in the National Airspace System (NAS).

Although many see this market opportunity as innovative, to us it was the obvious next step and opened the door for the company to pivot, change names to Industrial Aerobotics, and find methods through innovation to migrate our current operations into what it is today. With this innovation came many rewards not only for our company but for our clients. The innovative use of UAS addressed every negative aspect of our previous operating model and improved our data deliverables tenfold.

John Wolcott, Owner

Humans were removed from the air which drastically decreased our flight operations risk potential. The ability to fly significantly lower, and slower allowed data to be captured at unheard of resolutions and quality. All of these improvements allowed for a much better end product for our clients and in the true definition of innovation it was all done at a lower cost with increased safety.

Even though the UAS technology and regulations allowed us to improve how aerial data is collected, its use in and of itself was not innovative enough to allow for improved operations from our traditional practices. This new technology needed many custom, internally developed innovations to create a complete operational package. New technology had to be developed and integrated to allow for image stabilization to counteract the sometimes erratic flight profile of small UAVs. Technology innovations were needed to allow the data being captured by the UAV to be transmitted and viewed by ground operations. Additional software innovations were needed to be able to process this new level of data quality into seamless products and reports our clients were used to expecting.

Why Phoenix?
We feel the ability to run our company from the greater Phoenix area is the most innovative component of our journey to success. Having a home location for an aviation company in a metropolitan area that exceeds 330 days of flying weather a year is a true advantage over our competitors. The metropolitan Phoenix area is also home to the most innovative energy and construction companies in the world allowing us to work with and learn from the best of the best.

The Future of Innovation
Phoenix currently has outstanding state government support for the UAS industry. We are partnered with numerous state agencies that are collectively working to bring additional innovation to this market to ensure Phoenix stays ahead of the game and continues to be a city where aviation companies can migrate to and thrive.

Advice & Best Practices

  • Partner with local organizations and state entities. Although Phoenix is a large and progressive metropolitan city, local companies share a sense of camaraderie and love to help other local organizations succeed. Phoenix state organizations also have a strong desire to work with local companies to help foster the local economy and drive innovation into the state. Use this valuable,  seasoned resources to your advantage as much as you can.
  • Find a way to take advantage of the climate. If your company benefits from good weather, take advantage and use it to get a leg up on your competition who has to work around the weather. Even if weather is not a factor to your company’s success, use it for marketing, entertaining clients, and in attracting quality employees looking to move to cities with better climates.

Industrial Aerobotics

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