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AI is changing the world. As a solution-focused artificial intelligence company, our goal is to make it easier and more accessible. IMSRV Data Labs understands that technology is disrupting the traditional view of data. We are unlocking the potential to turn data into valuable business insights.

Powered by our internal R&D team of expert machine learning engineers and external partnerships with government and academia, we are global leaders in applied Machine Learning. Our industry-leading technology supports our mission to assist clients in integrating AI and making sense of their new and existing data to solve common business challenges.

Our ability to identify the core business opportunity, build the solution, and manage the operational change associated with its implementation is unique in the industry .Our business is built on these three pillars and we firmly believe that they are essential to the success of any project.

We design and deliver custom machine learning solutions using the latest cutting edge technology available. Whether the data takes the form of audio, text or video, structured or unstructured, we are capable of creating the right solution for our client’s needs. We hold patents in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), which provide us with the ability to rapidly convert, analyze and provide detailed insights using custom-tailored solutions to our clients.

We Apply Our Cutting-edge Technologies To Drive Business Insights And Generate Tangible Results.

- Samuel Witherspoon, Founder & Ceo, Imrsv Data Labs

We work collaboratively with our clients from the very beginning of their data pipeline to final production. The first stage is understanding the workflows of all intended end users. We must design with their needs as a framework. We gain an in-depth knowledge of their workflows and uncover their business challenges allowing us to design, build, configure, integrate, train and maintain their customized solution ensuring long-term value.

We’ve learned that one of the biggest obstacles for AI projects, is establishing a use case, measuring success and demonstrating return on investment (ROI). We help our clients overcome these obstacles using our Discovery and Design (D&D) engagement sessions. During these sessions, our team consults with key stakeholders to identify opportunities for workflow improvements and for AI to augment human performance.

Our know-how enables us to take your data no matter its form and provide custom-tailored solutions.

This enables decision-makers to effectively understand and strategize for the future implementation of an artificial intelligence-enabled solution. We are excited to see where this new service can take us and our clients within the AI field.

We are a proudly Canadian company located in our nation’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario. We are an equal opportunity employer and support our local community and industry by offering workshops and hosting meetups. Our growing team is made up of experts in varied fields and of diverse academic, professional and cultural backgrounds. We have global insights while remaining rooted in our community.

If you have a project with specific objectives in mind, want to explore how you can use your data, or simply want to reach out to learn more about us, please get in touch. We are always happy to talk about how we can contribute to your ongoing success.

IMRSV Data Labs

+1 613-606-7613
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