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Impulse is an innovative security company addressing the challenges of data breaches stemming from network access and endpoint devices. With the exponential growth on the number and types of devices accessing an organization’s network and systems, network security has become essential across all industries.

Impulse has been helping companies address the challenges of network access control for BYOD, IoT, and Guest Devices since 2004, enabling regulatory compliance, consistent authentication, and an intuitive end-user experience.
Helping organizations keep their networks secure and available for those permitted to use them, Impulse prevents access to those who are not. This not only ensures that the network is available when needed, but also that the organization’s data is protected, and that end-users’ devices are not compromised. Impulse’s flagship product, SafeConnect enables complete visibility, security, and control for the myriad of devices attaching to an organization’s network, while providing the flexibility to adhere to each organization’s unique computing policy philosophies.
Impulse continues to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies with the introduction of SafeConnect Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). While the Internet is a marvelous achievement in its ability to share information instantaneously across the globe, it is that same openness and collaborative nature of the Internet that now represents its most challenging impediment to continued growth and sustainability – security. Today, people access applications from anywhere (office, home or other remote locations) to anywhere (data center, co-lo, cloud or SaaS), which means the traditional definition of a Network Perimeter is going away. Impulse, through SafeConnect SDP is helping customers secure their New Perimeter by ‘hiding’ enterprise application and data resources from the Internet, and adhering to a ‘verify first, connect second’, Zero-Trust access model, as compared to today’s ‘connect first, authenticate second’ approach. A key component of SDP entails rendering an organization’s critical IT infrastructure “invisible” or “dark.” After all, you can’t hack what you can’t see.

Laura Ellis, COO

Russ Miller, CTO

Impulse is an innovative, leading provider of Contextual Intelligence and Network Security Orchestration in support of BYOD and IoT enabled enterprises. Impulse securely and efficiently automates BYOD by combining real-time, context-aware and simplified access-control architecture, remote cloud-managed support services, and customer-centric business philosophy to enable customer freedom. And now, Impulse provides this support both inside and outside of the traditional perimeter with SDP. Their customers know this as the Impulse Experience.
Impulse is recognized as a leading Network Access Control (NAC) provider in a multitude of industry analysis, including Garter’s Market Guide and Frost & Sullivan’s annual report.
Impulse was founded in the Tampa Bay area – and its first customers are still here. There is a burgeoning tech community and they are proud to be a part of it. Additionally, Impulse taps into the strong pool of technical talent from local universities.
Impulse’s advice to those who want to build a successful business goes back to its user-centric business philosophy. Design a product, deliver it, and support it for your customers. Ultimately the success of your business relates back to the user and his/her experience with your product and your company.

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