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IMNA Solutions was founded by Israel Haikin in 2014 to fill the need for secure communication. With an extensive background in cybersecurity, including serving as the former head of the communications organization of the Israeli Security Agency, he saw firsthand what can happen when communication isn’t secure. His co-founder, Meirav Naor-Weinstock, joined the company in 2016 to transition the company to serve the healthcare space.IMNA Solutions is a healthcare software company dedicated to improving the lives of chronically ill patients by facilitating secure communication between patients, providers, and care teams. Its software collects key patient data between doctor’s visits and allows physicians to update treatment plans in real-time.

Innovation Story

IMNA Solutions is a healthcare software company with its US headquarters in Scottsdale. The company is focused on providing real-time monitoring and interventions between clinic visits to support ongoing relationships between patients and care teams. IMNA Solutions optimizes recommendations for patient management that improves the quality of care and reduces hospital visits and the cost of care through its IMNA Health platform.

One of the primary ways the company achieves this is by filling the treatment gap for chronic illness patients. It’s typical for these patients to go weeks or months without seeing their physician, and a lot can go wrong during that time. Because of this, IMNA Solutions provides automated decision support to keep track of patient conditions and combat issues as they arise. The company tracks everything from sleep patterns, dehydration, perspiration, and more while patients are at home, and the software alerts physicians and care teams of any potential concerns. Treatment can then be updated in real-time to ensure optimal patient outcomes without having to wait until the next visit.

IMNA Solutions’ software is innovative because it’s one of the only software platforms that provides a personalized health record of each patient. It uses a combination of biometrics, wearable IoT devices, and patient questionnaires to monitor critical patient data while patients are at home. This data includes dehydration levels, sleep patterns, perspiration, and more—all of which can provide eye-opening insights to a patient’s overall health. It also gives physicians the ability to change the patient’s treatment pathway at any moment without the need for an in-person visit.

The company’s solution also helps reduce patient dropout rates in clinical trials—something that’s essential for FDA approval of potentially life-saving drugs. When too many participants choose to leave the trial, the FDA doesn’t have sufficient data for drug approval, leading companies to spend millions more dollars redoing the trial. Dropouts also negatively affect patients that were helped by the drug being studied, as the drug can’t go to market otherwise.


In 2019, IMNA Solutions opened its US headquarters in Scottsdale. Founded in Israel, its new headquarters represents a major step for the company’s international expansion.

The company also earned a Silver Stevie Award in the Software Category of the Year in the 2019 International Business Awards and has been featured extensively by Phoenix Business Journal, InBusiness Magazine, and other healthcare-specific publications.

Additionally, IMNA Solutions was one of four companies selected to take part in the Investor Track of the prestigious BioPreneur Conference in October 2019. The company delivered a 25-minute presentation to industry-leading investors seeking to learn more about the latest innovations in the healthcare sector.

Lastly, the company recently partnered with an independent researcher at Arizona State University to complete a clinical trial for an autism medication. The medication aims to reduce symptoms of severe autism by altering the flora in patients’ digestive systems.

The Future of Innovation 

The future of innovation in chronic illness care is becoming more patient-centric. Innovators are beginning to realize that patients are at the core of everything, and without patient satisfaction, most technological advancements are lost. 

Advice & Best Practices

When things become challenging, your passion is what will motivate you to continue developing breakthrough technologies for the people you’re serving. Also, never lose sight of your purpose as an organization.

Why Phoenix?

We chose Phoenix due to our close partnerships with local organizations like the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance, Arizona Technology Council, and Perimeter83. We also enjoy Phoenix’s low traffic congestion, beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, and friendly people.

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