Redefining People Management In Africa

We look after the engine of your business because your people are what makes a difference.

We help our clients to improve their performance and accelerate their growth by having a holistic view of their business and finding unique solutions customised for their environment. We have outstanding People Management capabilities and can support you from strategy all through to service delivery including operating your end-to-end People Function. Our capabilities include Sourcing and staffing, Payroll, Advisory and Consulting and Employee Lifecycle Management.

Imizizi is a 100% black female-owned company. Yolisa Tshabalala and Mponeng Seshea founded the company 4 years ago. With over 20 years experience (combined) in the industry they understand the innovative solutions needed to propel the industry to greater heights.

Mponeng Seshea Managing Director

Our approach is always to work with the prescribed customer ways of working and methodologies, while using our expertise to always advise and guide where needed. We incorporate lean principles of end-to-end processes while ensuring seamless integration with the voice of the customer.

Through caring, sharing and helping others, we promote growth, education, and learning. It is a continual choice to be a business that is founded, and continues to grow and thrive through giving, creating support and reinforcement solutions for our clients. Imizizi helps businesses, big and small, with the required reinforcement.

Yolisa Tshabalala Finance and Operations Director

We are the difference
Imizizi has founders that have walked the journey. We understand both sides of the industry, from both the contractor’s and the client’s perspective. We offer digitized, integrated, and flexible solutions to meet all your needs. By leveraging on the relationships, we have with our partners, we can provide a robust service offering to our clients.

Our passion is rooted in Africa and its people. We believe in the power of our roots, heritage, connections, and partnerships. We ensure efficiency by listening to our clients and by investing in the continuous development of our people and exposing them to industry trends, research, and learnings. That’s why we are always proficient and ready to support you.

The years spent being service-driven have equipped us with the necessary capability to provide client-determined quality service.

How are we helping others grow?
We choose to be a business that continues to grow by providing required support to those that need it.

We believe in empowering other small businesses and organizations to grow and develop in the different sectors they service. We want to help because we want people to be self-sufficient and to grow which will lead to a better economy. Lao Tsu said that if you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Our next growth
In the coming years we aim to become thought leaders in the people management and consulting industry. We want to set trends and not only follow them. We want to develop, digitize solutions and new ways of working for both our clients and employees to enable efficiency.

We offer digitized, integrated, and flexible solutions to meet all your needs. By leveraging on the relationships we have with our partners, we can provide a robust people management service offering to our clients.

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