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Founded in 2015, Imagia is an Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare company with a mission to leverage advances in artificial intelligence and accelerate the advent of accessible personalized medicine. Based out of Montreal, Québec, it has grown to a team of more than 50 AI and healthcare industry experts, including MDs, with expertise in both AI research and development, and clinical patient management.

The story of how Imagia came to be is deeply personal for Imagia’s co-founder, Alexandre Le Bouthillier who wanted to turn his personal loss to cancer into something positive. He founded Imagia with his long-time friend Nicolas Chapados by combining their extensive knowledge of AI and optimization, learned in their previous successful venture, to improve the future of medicine. The pair, in collaboration with Professor Yoshua Bengio, the world-renowned co-father of deep learning, recruited a team of entrepreneurs, research scientists, developers, and clinical experts. They began exploring applications in computer vision and the quantitative mapping of clinical information to bring the power of deep learning to digitized health data and the company Imagia was born.

Today, Imagia is engaged with clinicians from world-class research institutes as well as category-leading pharma, medical device, and diagnostic companies to co-develop healthcare AI solutions and drive the future of personalized medicine around the world.

Imagia developed EVIDENS, a unique and collaborative, knowledge-based ecosystem that pairs artificial intelligence with clinical expertise to accelerate access to personalized healthcare.

EVIDENS provides solutions for clinical researchers and healthcare startups to allow the discovery of AI biomarkers from clinical data in a collaborative, multi-institutional setting. The platform uses AI as the interacting mechanism between data and experts and is expanding the scope of what is possible by putting clinical experts in the driver seat and enabling them to develop the AI solutions that best address needs; all while adhering to the strict regulatory constraints that come with protected health information. As the adoption of new AI solutions in health and life sciences are accelerated, groundbreaking discoveries are possible.

All things taken together, Imagia’s EVIDENS is a robust and collaborative ecosystem that gives hospitals, medical device makers, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic companies the opportunity to tap into a vast clinical network and the ability to unleash the full potential of personalized medicine.

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