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Ryan Gutwein and Max Aulakh both served as Security Specialists in the Air Force traveling all over the middle east conducting recon missions, gathering data and intel and have taken those security features and implemented them into cyber governance, risk management and compliance.

Max Aulakh CEO & Founder

Ryan Gutwein Managing Director

For over a decade, organizations have focused on managing security issues primarily through risk and compliance management. Ignyte offers a radically different approach by bringing cyber assurance to the forefront of executive stakeholders.

We integrate assurance into the risk management equation. Ignyte becomes part of corporate governance and provides management accurate and current information to stakeholders about the efficiency and effectiveness of cyber programs.


As a veteran-owned company, we began as MAFAZO in 2012 to address the growing gaps in cybersecurity that many organizations were facing. Daily threats were increasing, regulations were becoming more complex, and security teams were understaffed. Since then, we’ve partnered with companies across the U.S to help focus their efforts by developing and implementing best practices with regard to security, governance risk, and compliance. We got good at that — really good, and we believed we needed a system to help enable our clients to become more self-sufficient in gathering and managing their security environment.

So, we created a platform to assist with data collection, analysis, and to help streamline processes across multiple security frameworks at once. We changed our name to Ignyte Assurance Platform™ in April 2018 and began bringing our risk management solution to organizations and teams across the country to make their jobs more manageable.

Ignyte handles every project with precision and care. We have a diverse team of individuals from across the world all working to deliver a simplified version of compliance to our clients. We keep current on all changes in regulations, standards, and guidelines because it’s our passion. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing the best in class customer support to maximize your experience working with us.

To learn more about how Ignyte can help solve your business and IT challenges, contact your local representative or authorized reseller — or visit us at ignyteplatform.com. If you are an existing Ignyte Platform customer and have questions or require additional information about licensing, please contact Ignyte at [email protected]

Ignyte Assurance Platform

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