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Exports! They are complex, time-consuming and manual process-driven. Many companies do not export for these very reasons alone.

Speaking from experience, the export sales process can take days or even weeks to complete. Our solution achieves the same result in seconds. 24/7….
SME’s today are finding exporting a lucrative yet complex market to enter. There is a plethora of information out there on how to export, but not one single technology platform to tie it all together in order to simplify and enable the process. This is resulting in many barriers to entry/ expansion and excessive time and cost wastage.
iXport addresses this very issue.

In 2011, the founder Lyle de Groot started his first import/export company but was wasting so much time dealing with many issues such as manual ordering using spreadsheets, global time differences, foreign currency fluctuations manual cargo sizing and outdated freight quoting systems. Frustrated that there were no “All-in One” tools to tackle this problem, and after selling that company in 2015, he set out to tackle this problem head-on. 2 years later a product was ready and the company moved operations to the UK from Australia, and is now focused on helping SME’s in the UK improve their exporting endeavours, however, with a burning desire to use this platform globally.
At iXport, we’ve built a robust yet intuitive trading platform that provides SME’s in the B2B space the ability to easily trade through e-commerce and the use of real-time data and cargo sizing algorithms, saving the greatest value asset for customers….time.
The answer to this problem is simple. AUTOMATION
By interconnecting key services such as B2B e-commerce, real-time quotes and cargo sizing algorithms in one platform, we were able to drastically reduce processing times, allowing customers to expedite and complete their sales order in seconds, rather than days.
As we are experienced in both importing and exporting, our strengths come from experience in this sector, acknowledging the issues and addressing them with technology solutions.
Our vision is for the iXport platform to be the central hub for exporting, globally.

Awards – we have been shortlisted for a Sparkies Award 2019, in the Data, Data, Data category.
Accepted into SetSquared Accelerator
Accepted into Oracle Start Up Accelerator
Partnerships established with Global brands such as WorldFirst, OFX, Searates.com and FreightOS.com
Reached semi-finals in pitching competitions for Venture Fest South, Venture Fest South West, SetSquared and Whycomms.

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