> iDeating Fresh Food - Is The Poster Child Of Innovation & Also A Hundred-Million-Dollar Brand

With innovative products, technology, packaging, marketing and customer engagement, iD Fresh Food is the poster child of innovation. It’s also a hundred-million-dollar brand.

The success of iD Fresh Food is powered by technology. Here’s an example of it. Dealing with highly perishable fresh foods is doubly challenging for iD, as its products are all-natural. Musthafa PC, co-founder & CEO, explains in an interview with Sandhya Mendonca, “While the whole world is busy working on R&D to extend the shelf life of the products with preservatives, we work on technology to ensure a zero inventory model. Our products have a shelf life that’s as short as three days for some products.”

"I think we made it big because we had the right product, at the right time, in the right market."

- Musthafa crediting Bengaluru for playing a role in iD’s success.

iD Team

The challenge is in managing wastage, and the company uses algorithms to predict demand and ensure that 350 company trucks deliver the right number of products to 20,000 stores across India each day. “We work on a model that is unique in this field. We ensure that by the time my salesman reaches the store, the last pack of batter would be picked up by the customer.”

Its story started in 2006, as a little establishment in Bengaluru, making the batter for south India’s favourite breakfast food, idli and dosa (hence the name iD). It is currently present in 17 cities across India and abroad, with a team of more than 1200 employees. The company now manufactures and supplies to over 18,000 retail outlets.

It produces and delivers an array of ready-to-cook, fresh Indian home food to its customers every single day and takes pride in its home-made style of preparation in hygienic factories that follow the best-in-class manufacturing processing systems and use state-of-the art equipment.

Its range of food products include a whopping 55,000 kg of idli / dosa batter per day, apart from parotas, chapatis, curd, paneer and more. iD Fresh Foods positions itself as the perfect professional assistant in the kitchen and helps busy people rustle up 100% natural and authentic tasting home-style Indian meals in a jiffy. “We deliberately stayed away from over-engineering because we want people to enjoy the satisfaction of playing a role, even if minimal, in preparing a fresh meal for themselves and their loved ones”, says Musthafa.

Musthafa PC , Co-founder & CEO, iD Fresh Food says his company is driven by “innovation, common sense and conviction”.

He asserts that iD uses fresh ingredients and premium quality materials from reputed suppliers. It does not use any preservatives, chemicals, emulsifiers, synthetic stabilizers, artificial colour or flavours. Proof of this will soon be available when the company, in a bold step, will begin 24/7 live webcast of its factories to demonstrate its fresh and natural philosophy.

With a clutch of awards to its credit, this food brand is expanding at a rapid rate to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

iD Fresh Food (India) Pvt Ltd

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