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ID Plans has been a pioneer in the property management industry for the past 20 years. When you buy a new car, you get an owner’s manual. When you buy a shopping center, you get the shopping center – and maybe a set of outdated blueprints if you’re lucky.

With that disconnect in mind, Jeff Landry and Mike Rustenberghe created ID Plans in 1999. Their goal was simple – to make property management more efficient by creating detailed, accurate site plans that identified and mapped all vital data points on a property. Everything on the site was included, from HVAC units to irrigation systems to parking spaces, providing a clear snapshot of the property’s assets along with their locations.

For property managers, owners and investors, having this data in one central document was invaluable. It meant they wouldn’t have to waste time or money tracking down irrigation information or finding meter numbers because they already had all the details of their property at their fingertips. Instead, they could focus on taking a more proactive approach to site management and head off challenges before they became problems.

Jeff Landry, CEO of ID Plans

ID Plans has come a long way since its early years, when site plans were printed on paper and distributed to property managers. In 2005, the company launched an interactive online platform to view the plans, and in 2012, an iOS application was created that allowed property managers to access their data on their iPhones and iPads.
As industry needs grew and evolved, the ID Plans software changed along with them, moving to a cloud-based online platform that could be accessed at any time, from any place, on any device. This data could also be updated in real time with unlimited photos and documents and easily shared with vendors, potential tenants, and team members across the globe.

Now, after creating thousands of site plans for the industry’s top brands across North America, ID Plans has firmly established itself as a pioneer in the commercial real estate space, but the story doesn’t end there. With an eye on the future, the technology team at ID Plans continues to develop cutting-edge software solutions to meet the needs of their customers and the industry at large. Connecting the software to the Internet of Things is a goal, along with an increased focus on analytics. It’s all part of a larger vision of creating a more efficient, streamlined process to gives property managers and owners the power to protect their investments and manage their assets more effectively.

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