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The real connection comes when you understand WHY our company does what it does

At icon, our team lives by a well-known business philosophy: Everyone knows what we do, and most people can understand how we do it. The real connection comes when you understand WHY our company does what it does.

More than 25 years ago, a group of college friends started a company with the single goal of providing unmatched customer service. They knew their team could build smarter and build better…and they knew why they had to do it.

The construction industry is in a state of disruption. We are continually advancing our designs to build with a conscience effort to better our environments. We are building a world full of the most energy efficient  exteriors of all time with the most efficient interiors of all time so our clients can ultimately be as productive as possible. Herein lies the challenge: We have to be able to match the architectural integrity of the building with constructability and maintainability.

To be a competitive force in this industry, you have to ask yourself a few questions: What is the purpose of the structure today? What will the purpose of this structure 30 years from now?

At icon, we are innovating with our sights on the future. As a self-perform (we are responsible for the workforce) contractor, we are very much aware of the fact that there are fewer young people choosing the construction industry as a destination for their career.

There are many factors that have created this situation–From the downturn of the economy over a decade ago when a large portion of the workforce left to pursue other jobs, to the loss of the CTE programs in the high schools, and the social pressure/stigma that obtaining a college degree is only way to be labeled ‘successful.’ Overall, the perception has been that a career in construction is dirty, dangerous and dead-end.

By having a clear understanding of the extent of this problem, we have been able to step back and develop a strategy that will allow us to build larger, more complex facilities with fewer people, faster than ever before. Our future workforce will look much different than it does today. Our ability to attract minorities and women to the construction industry is vital. It is a core belief inside icon Mechanical that our team will foster an open and welcoming environment of cultural competency. This is not your grandfather’s construction site.

The key to the future success of any company in the construction industry will be its ability to collaborate and embrace technology. Through advancements in technology both in the design market as well as the hightech on-site tools available to the trades, we are able to communicate and coordinate in real-time. Having a team of like-minded companies working together early in the design stages allows everyone to plan and build with the confidence that the final product will match the conceptual designs. We know it– and we live it.

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows us to begin construction of the largest components of a project long before the building shell/site is ready. This allows us to utilize our offsite fabrication facilities, providing the most technical tools and equipment in a conditioned space– -our team can then deliver the best quality components, built in the safest environment possible. The workforce required to complete these projects is significantly less than if we were to try and build it using traditional means and methods

We continue to question and challenge everything we design & build…on every project. We never assume the first answer is the right answer. The next generation of builders within our company will know they have the freedom to challenge and question each project component until it is right.

At the end of the day, our team has grown immensely in the past quarter of a century. Our ultimate goal, however, is still to continue to deliver unmatched customer service through advances in safety, innovation, technology, and quality, while reducing risk and better managing schedule and cost. With every innovation, this industry creates questions…and we have the answers.

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