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Founded in 2017 by James Filanc, Intelligent Cities Associates, LLC, (ICA) was created to help public agencies prepare for 5G, automated vehicles, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Mr. Filanc, after helping dozens of cities design and convert streetlights to efficient LED technologies, early on developed a keen insight into the growing adverse impact of mobile data on public rights-of-ways.

The proliferation of Small Cells, EV charging stations, sensors, and other IoT devices continue to challenge public agencies. Cellular densification, or the installation of Small Cells, will have a profound impact on public rights of ways.

It is ICA’s mission to help pubic agencies plan and prepare for the coming disruption to their public Rights-Of-Ways, while generating new sources of revenue to replace lost income due to recent FCC regulations limiting Small Cell Rents.

In 2014, Mr. Filanc collaborated with local agencies and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to design and implement a new metered streetlight tariff rate to help both public agencies and SDG&E prepare.

As more devices are placed into service, they will use more power. This new tariff, implemented in January, 2019, has been designed to simplify IoT and Small Cell deployments while assuring SDG&E is paid for delivering power.

One strategic goal is the ability to eliminate meter pedestals from ROWs, while monetizing streetlight dimming savings, a contribution to regional Climate Action Plans. Collaborating with Industry, Mr. Filanc’s insights is now shaping the design of the next generation of Small Cells.

The next frontier will be a Neutral Host approach where every Streetlight will become a Small Cell, with equal access by all Mobile Network Operators. This will not only increase competition and lower the cost of service, but also assure access to disadvantaged and low-income citizens to help bridge the Digital Divide.

With the promise of generating new sources of revenue for public agencies, emerging Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) hold a key to helping cities thrive in this disruptive technological age. P3s can provide capital and know-how to help public agencies unlock the value of public rights-of-ways and assure fairness to all.

Intelligent Cities Associates, LLC

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