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iBET was founded in 1989 by a team of visionaries to explore the potential of creating bridges between academia and industry to stimulate economic growth and social development.

At iBET, science and technology are exploited to accelerate the translation of competences from early stage research to the economy. Our mission is to innovate, to anticipate trends and to evolve our offering with one goal in mind – create value for our partners globally.

As a research organization, iBET acts in the interface between academia and industry while also creating its knowledge and organise its expertise. This allows iBET to provide tangible results in fundamental and applied research, targeting areas such as biopharmaceuticals and novel therapies – including development of bioprocess and analytics for vaccines, recombinant proteins, cell therapy and viral gene therapy products, advanced 3D in-vitro models for pre-clinical research, protein stability studies and structural biology for drug design. iBET’s expertise in sciences for food and environment includes extraction methods of natural compounds, nutraceuticals bioactivity, bioavailability and biodistribution, food safety and authentication and water-energy nexus.

Striving to push the boundaries of innovation at the leading edge of biotechnology, iBET’s infrastructure comprises 20 R&D laboratories, a Late Stage R&D and Bioproduction Unit, a GMP certified Analytical Services Unit, a Mass Spectrometry Unit, and a technological platform targeting Agro-industrial activities. iBET also secures privileged access to GenIbet, a GMP certified CDMO dedicated to the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals for phase I/II clinical trials. All combined, iBET offers integrated solutions for the development of biopharmaceuticals and food ingredients from molecular design to manufacturing.

As an R&D institution and SME, iBET participates in a variety of international networks of excellence and is involved in highly prestigious research & development and technology transfer projects with relevant impact in many scientific and technological domains. iBET has coordinated over 50 international projects supported by the European Commission in the 30 years of its existence.

iBET’s commitment to quality and superior performance has called the attention of multiple pharmaceutical and agro-food companies from all over the world. iBET is now one of the main exporters of Portuguese knowledge. Over time, while partnership with some of the most prestigious biopharma companies developed into trust-based relationships, iBET created an innovative business concept in partnering – the Laboratory. Satellite Laboratories are premium alliances entitling the partner company to an exclusive team of jointly recruited researchers, fully dedicated to a portfolio of company-initiated projects running at iBET, supported by our infrastructure of competences.

Committed to our people and partners, we empower our collaborators to pursue innovative ideas reinforcing a culture of customer service. It is the combination of our ambition, integrity and curious mindset that enables iBET to foster relationships established with our academic and industrial partners, a cornerstone of our work.

Oeiras is an exciting hub for iBET to thrive. Our location within Estação Agronómica Nacional and close proximity to Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica (ITQB-NOVA), Instituto de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária (INIAV) and Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) ensures the access to complementary technologies, advanced research facilities and to the necessary standards of teaching to guarantee higher quality of our research and the retention of highly skilled professionals.

Each day iBET works harder to create and transfer innovative biotechnology solutions globally. It is our commitment to keep delivering on this premise, to contribute for the advancement of science and technological knowledge through our own funds and to continue creating added value for our partners.

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