Maintains A Culture Of Innovation, Operational Excellence And Continuous Improvement In All Processes

IBERFAR is the main company of a privatelyowned Portuguese Pharmaceutical Group, founded in 1924, and close to celebrating 100 years in business, whose activities cover all fields of this industry. This group of companies, now in its fourth generation of ownership, was born into a family of doctors, pharmacists and veterinarians; so one may say healthcare is in our DNA.

IBERFAR started its manufacturing activity in 1951 and built their first industrial facilities in 1965. In 1996 it was no longer possible to improve them, so the company decided to buy the local Merck Sharp & Dohme site and in 2003, after a full refurbishment and upgrade, the new facility was inaugurated and all operations started to be merged together.

IBERFAR’s core business is the manufacturing of solid and liquid dosage forms for third parties, having as distinctive competencies quality, short delivery dates and a very flexible adjustment to the needs of all clients. To sustain this challenge, IBERFAR maintains a culture of innovation, operational excellence and continuous improvement in all processes.

IBERFAR’s mission is to always produce better, faster and at the lowest cost, working daily to strengthen its competitiveness and thus conquer new markets in the health area, nationally and internationally. Our products are currently present in several world markets, such as: Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand, among others.

IBERFAR established a mid-term investment plan for the continuous modernisation of the site’s facilities and equipment to keep up with the ever-growing certification requirements, in order to adapt the offer to the company’s strategic orientation and focusing more on the foreign market which requires cutting-edge equipment.

The successful implementation of the serialization project is a recent example of this modernisation, one of the most challenging requirements in recent years in the pharmaceutical industry aimed at increasing the safety of pharmaceutical products from packaging to the final consumer. The clearest proof to this success was the invitation to highlight the key points for implementing the serialization project at an event held by Tracelink – a pharma digital supply network company.

Joana Ferraz da Costa


Being amongst the most successful in terms of our ability to generate profits and financial stability, this distinction is for us and for all with whom we work a great honour and a great reassurance. It proves the quality of our work, the rigour, determination and commitment that motivates us!

We are determined to continue to make a positive contribution, by innovating and always investing in our skills throughout our company and our group.

We have placed great emphasis on providing a high level of service based on quality,commitment, integrity and loyalty
We are a family company distributing specialised pharmaceutical products,having placed great emphasis on providing a high level of service based on quality, commitment, integrity and loyalty towards our partners, customers and workforce. We strive for a differentiated portfolio that better suits the population, promotes health care and well-be ing and always bearing the seal of quality that distinguishes us.

Rita Ferraz da Costa

Over all the years we have encountered several very difficult periods which have taught us a great deal. We learned to handle adversity with a more positive and considered approach, and with resilience. The experience that we have acquired, conveyed and lived has been crucial and very useful. We supplied MPSMP, OTC, medical devices, dietary supplements and THMP.

We provide information to the medical and pharmaceutical community based on the characteristics of the products and their clinical supporting evidence. This is provided in face-to-face visits, clinical sessions, webinars, conferences and information published in specialty magazines and newspapers.



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