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Human Biography is a Vancouver-based content agency that produces original video content for the most
incredible humans, brands, and organizations across the globe for public and private consumption.

Video content production has never been more important to how information is shared in a true and authentic way. You should never compromise quality when it comes to your brand, your business, and most importantly your life.

The Human Biography team have been chosen by the world’s most accomplished in their respective fields and industries to create video messaging for their targeted audiences. Their team has documented people like the Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, Arianna Huffington, Chip Wilson, Susan Sarandon, Val Kilmer, Helen Mirren, Jack and Suzy Welch, Peter Diamandis, Maye Musk, Jacqueline Novogratz, and Katy Perry as well as many leaders and CEOs from all over the world.

Human Biography has created content with such organizations as TED, Microsoft, UN Women, Beedie, RBC, BCIT, Goldcorp, The David Lynch Foundation and many more. Their production team is lead by power couple Nisha and Sharad Kharé. As creative directors, they work with their subjects to ensure the content is consistent from the storyboard process to production to final editing. In addition to video content, they are asked to take their storytelling and engaging interview style to live stages for the most iconic events. As professional speakers and moderators of dialogue, Sharad and Nisha both engage audiences to ensure their subject’s work, life and messaging is highlighted in live audience settings. This moderation has been a strong part of their work; It shows everyone their ability to communicate and allow someone’s story and messaging to come alive in conference settings. They have also spoken at the United Nations, on stages at IIT Kanpur (India), Harvard University, UPenn and TEDx to educate audiences.

Their hallmark work is in human legacy. Their video team documents families and leaders to capture their thoughts, history and candid stories. This content is often kept privately by their clients to be shared with future generations. In addition, Human Biography creates commercial content for everyday businesses and organizations. This may include video content for advertising, social media, or for educational purposes.

Human Biography not only looks at business, entertainment, and stories with celebrities but it tackles subjects that affect the heart and soul of our global issues. Their portfolio ranges from looking at the addiction crisis, psychedelic plant medicines, Indigenous storytelling, feminist history, to arts, dance, performance, science, technology, mining, cancer therapies, and education at all levels in communities that need it the most. These video pieces act as timeless records of achievement, ideas, and thought leadership for their clients.

Their portfolio of content is rare and truly unmatched in the caliber of people they work with. They are sought after by the most prominent people and organizations across the globe. The production team at
Human Biography goes to where the stories are. They have captured stories in their home country Canada, Europe, Asia and the UK, not to mention all across North America and beyond.

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