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Hownd™ is the first of its kind, Effortless Foot Traffic™ generation platform for local business owners that drives sustainable growth by curating experiences for consumers that pair them with the right merchant at the right time. Through an elegant combination of web, social, email, and the MyHownd™ consumer mobile app, the proven platform has already helped thousands of merchants generate millions in new profitable revenue every month— effortlessly.

Brandon Willey – CEO

Hownd was founded in 2016 by CEO, Brandon Willey, and was known at the time as FetchRev. As FetchRev, the company helped local merchants get their existing customers back in the door and took the guesswork out of using the tool by building a team that could do the heavy lifting for them. A local business owner no longer needed to be a marketing expert to build a campaign that drove immediate revenue.

FetchRev generated millions of dollars monthly for its merchants and received a high level of acknowledgment from the industries it serves, including being a recipient of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions’ prestigious Brass Ring Award for Best New Product. But it became apparent to Brandon and the rest of the team that there was a growing need for not only customer retention but for new customer acquisition, as well.

Promotional and deal platforms require deep discounting of services and, on top of that, require an unsustainable revenue share that often leaves little to no profit for the business owner. These programs are unsustainable and bad for business which, ultimately, is bad for local communities.

Then came Hownd! It’s the world’s first Foot Traffic Generation Platform that pairs local merchants with the right customer at the right place and time by delivering promotions through an elegant combination of web, social media, email, and the free MyHownd consumer mobile app.

Because Hownd believes so strongly in its ability to generate more customers and revenue for merchants, they created an innovative, patent-pending Zero-Risk, Pay-Per-Visit™ pricing model. Now, merchants can choose to pay ONLY when a customer walks in their door with one of their promotions. This makes the results it produces fully quantifiable, attributable and affordable—a combination that was elusive to merchants before Hownd came along.

With Hownd, a business owner can launch their first promotion in under five minutes and generate customer visits and revenue within 48 hours. All merchants gain access to thousands of future customers near them who are part of the ever-growing global Hownd Consumer Community of more than 40 million people.

Consumers using the MyHownd app receive promotions from the businesses they’ve come to know and love in their community, while at the same time receive promos for other complementary and non-competitive local businesses.

No longer do local business owners have to spend their time, effort, and hard-earned money on yet another marketing tool that doesn’t deliver the promised results of new customers. Hownd gives them what they want and need—a no-risk, pay for results, effortless foot traffic solution.

The future holds many new opportunities for the merchants Hownd serves as the number of MyHownd consumers increases, and as the Hownd platform becomes even smarter and more effective through its AI and machine learning-based technology. As more merchants use Hownd and more consumers use MyHownd, local communities thrive as a result!

The Hownd team is fiercely committed to helping local merchants grow their business. Its “Esprit de Corps” guides how every “Howler” works — both individually and collaboratively — to achieve the mission and “create and command the category of effortless foot traffic for business owners worldwide.”

Its core values include getting shit done, being efficient and innovative, doing the right thing at all costs, relentlessly pursuing excellence, earning the trust of others, staying devoted to everyone’s success, and with an overarching belief that achievement is fucking awesome. “We love to win for our customers!”

To learn more about how Hownd helps local merchants, visit And consumers can learn more and download the app at

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