The Proptech That Has Democratised The Real Estate Market

Housell is a proptech – a company that applies information technology and the new economy to the property sector – founded in Madrid in 2017 by Guillermo Llibre, CEO of the company. Its revolutionary concept, which seeks to use technology to give autonomy and power to the user, so that they can break with the bureaucracy and opacity of traditional buying and selling agencies, has led it to position itself as a leader in its sector.

Formed by professionals from the real estate and technology sectors with more than 30 years of experience, Housell combines the best of both worlds: the experience of its real estate consultants and the application of the advantages of digitalisation in the process of buying and selling properties, to make the buying and selling process quick, simple, transparent and more economical.

Housell is present in more than 50 Spanish cities and has reduced the sale time in many of them. The speed, personalisation and empowerment makes customers rate it positively: they have an average of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot among more than 4,000 users.

During these five years, Housell has multiplied its profits and staff, while at the same time dodging a global pandemic that hit the Spanish real estate sector. Its head office in Madrid currently has almost 150 employees, in addition to more than 58 real estate experts throughout Spain.

In 2021, the company launched Housell Flex, a pioneering product in Spain that allows the seller to contract a comprehensive real estate service 100% digitally by subscription, immediately, and without the need for intermediaries. It is the first fully a la carte real estate service, which offers absolute freedom and flexibility to the client to contract only those services they need and, consequently, pay only for them.

The possibility of saving up to 15,000 euros in a sector that is traditionally quite opaque, has led more than 2,000 sellers to contract the service, as Housell offers them customised possibilities, a friendly service and total autonomy to control the status of the sale and purchase at all times, as well as the various processes of the same via mobile phone. Focused on sellers who need very specific real estate services and that enhances the advantages of technology, giving some autonomy when selling their home to users.

In a constant evolution since its inception, Housell has been integrating services for the sale of houses by allying with other partners to provide the client with all the resources for the best possible experience: photos, home insurance, reforms, etc. Housell has managed to make buying and selling a home a transparent and comfortable process for its customers. Thanks to its platform, sellers and buyers can negotiate from individual to individual quickly, economically and without complications.


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