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This is yoga reinvented. The pod is an otherworldly cocoon of glowing lights, heady aromas, and enveloping soundscapes, taking you a million miles from the everyday. Expect an intense hit of yoga.


A tiny percentage of our population does yoga. We’re firm believers in its transformational benefits and believe that delivering yoga in its most potent form is the secret to reaching an audience otherwise untouched by yoga. We want to convert the skeptics and draw in the doubters by supercharging the yoga experience.

Everything we use at Hotpod Yoga has been designed with this purpose in mind. We’ve worked with top aromatherapy companies designing our signature scent, we collaborate with artists commissioning music perfect for the pod, and we’ve worked with world-leading inflatable experts, top architects, and heating consultants to create our unique, immersive, utterly perfect pods

The clever technology and beautiful designs create the perfect yoga environment. The darkened, mirror-free environment removes any sense of compare and despair. All of this combined with the expertise of our teachers in providing fantastic classes leaves students feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for life!


Hotpod Yoga Bristol is run by Frances Good and George Mitchell and is part of a global franchise with over 50 individual locally run businesses. Being a small independent business with the support of such a fantastic larger community of businesses is mirrored in and what we see happening in Bristol all the time. For us, this is what makes working in Bristol so special. Individuals support individuals, and businesses support businesses. This communal attitude to life is essential for us as that way we can create a practice bespoke to the Bristol audience in order to reach as many pockets of the community as possible.

In Bristol, we work with a range of individuals and businesses in a variety of ways in order to make yoga as accessible as possible. Whether it be inflating the pod in the foyer of a business during Wellness Week, or supporting athletes training and recovery, or providing a space for people to leave work and switch off immediately, Hotpod Yoga fits perfectly into a busy life, creating the space we all need just for ourselves.

We believe at Hotpod Yoga the more you put into it, the more you get out of it, so the best way to truly understand Hotpod Yoga is to experience it. It’s time to get into it.

“Combining a deliciously calming atmosphere with an optimal workout temperature of 37 degrees (to aid flexibility), Hotpod Yoga Brings together all the health benefits of yoga in one inflatable pod.”  – Vogue

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