Hospital Da Luz Oeiras

Health Innovation Is Building A Relationship Of Trust With Those Who Are Cared For And Ensure They Receive The Right, Up To Date And Adequate Treatment For Their Specific Case.




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Health innovation is placing the patient in the centre of the decision as a unique individual and demand a quick, rigorous, complete, and multidisciplinary response.

Health innovation is practising team medicine, based on value, committed to the clinical excellence and supported with the best technology at the point of care.

Hospital da Luz Oeiras faces the future with this confidence and is close to those in need of care, with a differentiated and available clinical team, in a welcoming and architecturally modern building.

Located near the emblematic Parque dos Poetas and with capacity to serve Cascais-Lisboa axis population, Hospital da Luz Oeiras is the only private hospital existing in Oeiras region. This Hospital da Luz unit provides a complete range of healthcare services and assures a differentiated and continuous surgical vocation, supported by a specialized clinical body and innovative technology supporting excellence in diagnosis and treatment. It also offers a vast diversity of ambulatory care, with different clinical specialties and an urgent care department.

Proximity, accessibility, team medicine, clinical and technological excellence.

This is Hospital da Luz Oeiras, a unit of the Hospital da Luz Network.

A story of growth and success

2005 Clínica Parque dos Poetas contruction begins

2007 Clínica Parque dos Poetas opening

2013 Clínica Parque dos Poetas becomes Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras.

2015 Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras starts the work of expansion to double the installed capacity and extend the range of medical specialties

2017 Conclusion of the works of expansion, the new area was opened to the public. Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras becomes Hospital da Luz Oeiras.

Today, Hospital da Luz Oeiras includes 58 consultation rooms, 24 testing and treatment rooms, 3 operating rooms, and 20 inpatient beds. Annually, the hospital performs, on average, 4 100 surgeries, 35 000 urgent care cases, 140 000 consultations and 180 000 exams.

New Oncology Centre

Early diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of cancer represents one of the major clinical challenges in the years to come, considering the prediction of an increase in the incidence and prevalence of cancer disease.

Luz Saúde Group has the knowledge and resources involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and is particularly well-placed to respond to this challenge. In this context emerges the Oncology Center, that works in close collaboration with the Oncology Center of Hospital da Luz Lisboa but is available closer to home, in Oeiras, for all who need it’s services.

Highly differentiated exams unit and a modern operating unit for innovative surgeries

With an increasing capacity for the diagnosis and treatment of the most diverse pathologies, Hospital da Luz Oeiras has the latest technology to carry out gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology, otorhinolaryngology, gynecology-obstetrics, dermatology and ophthalmology exams, either for adults or children.

Hospital da Luz Oeiras clinical team performs complex surgeries, in an advanced operating unit prepared for the demands of today’s medicine.

Hospital da Luz in network

Being close to your Hospital is very important and offers a sense of security. But when your hospital includes some of the best specialists available, when facing more complex diseases, this factor is even more relevant.

Hospital da Luz Oeiras offers both. Because it is integrated into a network of hospitals and clinics, with an important national footprint, who works together on a daily basis. In particular, Hospital da Luz Oeiras is clinically and technologically linked with Hospital da Luz Lisboa, the largest and most differentiated hospital of Luz Saúde Group.

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