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The People Who Founded And Lead Hope Trust Know What It Takes To Live With And Care For A Loved One With Special Needs.




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Each of us knows the unrelenting attention and effort required to ensure our children, siblings, parents ,or others with special needs get the help they need. These requirements extend beyond daily tasks, including assistance at school and at home. As caretakers, we feel responsible for making sure they receive proper medical care, counseling, social services, and even legal representation when necessary. On into their adulthood, we manage their household needs, arrange food deliveries and transportation along with countless other tasks of daily life, providing financial support the entire way. We’re there when they need us—and that is often and at all hours—because we love them.

We’re there because there are no alternatives. Family members lack the time and training to handle the workload, and a traditional bank trust department is not prepared or equipped to provide the high-touch, round-the-clock service it takes to administer a special needs trust. Without us, our loved ones have nowhere else to turn for the essential help and support they need. We created Hope Trust because our families and the special needs family members we love deserve more.

Hope Trust is the first and only comprehensive, holistic solution that addresses the unique and ever-evolving needs of loved ones with special needs:

• Expert trust and care planning services
• 24/7/365 access to skilled care coordinators and fiduciary services
• Instant access to products and services, whenever and wherever needed, in accordance with a detailed life care plan—all delivered with respect and empathy

Hope Trust is both a labor of love and of critical necessity. We are here to provide your family with essential support, help you plan properly for the future of your loved one, offer peace of mind and welcome beneficiaries who will feel completely embraced for the first time by a corporate trustee.

We’re there because your family deserves the best.

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