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Machine Vision is changing the world by giving computers intelligent sight, allowing machines to assist humans with progressively more complex tasks. As society becomes increasingly reliant on this form of augmented human intelligence, reliability will be of paramount importance, especially in mission-critical implementations, because unreliable results can lead to catastrophic results.

When building our patent-pending Assistive Reality™ platform, we invested an equal amount of time and effort into building an integrated hardware & software platform to procedurally train, test, and validate our vision accuracy and consistency. This technology significantly increased the fidelity of our machine vision products and is a key component in differentiating the reliability of our systems over our competitors.

We continue to test and validate our systems under all conditions, light levels, and environments. With numerous advancements and filed patents in the field of Machine Vision, our dedication to accuracy is unparalleled.


HookBang was formed in 2012 to bring together an experienced group of talented developers with one simple goal: to solve hard problems we care about, with people we trust and respect. This has been the lighthouse that has guided us to many successful projects with some incredible partners, such as AMD, Cubic, Dell, Google, Intel, SAIC, and Warner Bros, to name just a few.

We quickly built a reputation as innovative problem solvers, and have grown to become an industry leader in Machine Vision, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, specializing in Augmented Reality solutions.


<p style=”font-size: 17px; color: #000000; margin-top: 10px; font-family: ‘Alegreya’, serif;”>Frank Roan Founder & CEO

HookBang is passionate about exploring and creating new applications, games, and solutions in the fast-growing fields of spatial computing and mixed realities, and the challenges inherent in these technologies are what we seek and enjoy. The team also has significant experience developing products for web, desktop, and mobile, as well as building high transaction, high availability cloud-based server systems, and has worked in many diverse fields, such as oil and gas, cloud computing, defense, entertainment, simulations, and training.

Our teams of experienced engineers, designers, artists, testers, and project managers bring the broad skillsets required to balance and manage all aspects of the development lifecycle, from initial analysis to final launch. And our creativity, imagination, and discipline are what allows us to successfully innovate solutions in any problem space.

HookBang’s mindset can be simply captured by our answer to the question we’re asked most: “Can you do that?”

To which we emphatically reply (and sincerely believe): “If it can be done, we can do it!”


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