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Honeywell’s software innovation group, Honeywell Connected Enterprise (HCE), is proud to call Atlanta home. HCE transforms the way the world works, solving tough challenges through relentless innovation that is grounded in Honeywell’s heritage of invention.

Honeywell founded HCE in 2018 to develop Honeywell Forge software, solutions that securely unite data across an enterprise to enable better decisions and improve operational performance, sustainability, safety and security.

At the time of HCE’s formation, Honeywell had an existing stake in Georgia, including a cybersecurity lab in Gwinnett County and more than 1,000 workers throughout the state. However, the decision to establish HCE in Atlanta was influenced by the abundance of technology talent in the area, and Honeywell selected a location on a venerable stretch of Peachtree Street near the iconic Fox Theatre for the global software development center.

Honeywell has been innovating for more than 130 years and with the founding of HCE, the company created “what’s next” in their innovation timeline. Honeywell Forge helps make plant operations more intelligent and autonomous by embedding purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) into many of its software solutions.

Honeywell Connected Enterprise understands that speed matters, and in a short time they have helped some of the world’s largest companies transform the way they work – helping them become more sustainable, more efficient and more cybersecure. In the first 5 years of operations, HCE grew to 3,800+ employees, including 1,800+ software engineers and 150+ data scientists and experts. With countless installations performed around the globe, the mission of the company can be succinctly summed as: a drive to solve their customers’ most pressing problems, together.

“Give us a problem to solve. That’s when we are at our best.” — Kevin Dehoff, President & CEO, Honeywell Connected Enterprise

“Connected Enterprise is a key component for delivering Honeywell’s vision to be the gold standard for industrial software at every customer site.” — Ron McMurtrie, Chief Commercial Officer, Honeywell Connected Enterprise

With Honeywell Forge, industrial customers get AI tools designed specifically to tackle the unique challenges of complex operational environments.

HCE’s AI know-how is also being baked into Honeywell solutions from across the portfolio, adding powerful generative and predictive AI capabilities to tried and tested solutions. The outcomes delivered have quantifiable economic value that can be translated into a clear and measurable ROI via:

  • Higher asset utilization
  • Increased operational efficiency and labor productivity
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Reduced cybersecurity risk
  • Improved health, safety and security for workers

At HCE, software developers and engineers have the opportunity to design sophisticated software and digital-based products and solutions that leverage AI and machine learning (ML) for digitalization and automation.

As an example of the power of these new technologies, Honeywell conducted research in 2023 and found that nearly 6 in 10 retailers plan to adopt AI, ML and computer vision (CV) technologies over the next year to enhance the shopping experience offered within stores and online. The research also indicated that retailers see this new technology as complementing and enhancing their workforce, not eliminating jobs.

Insights like these into customer needs are what drive Honeywell to develop innovative technology and applications to assist individuals and organizations in making more informed, data-driven choices.

To turn data into insights, and insights into actions, Honeywell Forge software utilizes digitalization and automation in three primary ways:

  1. Control and Optimization
    Algorithms are dynamically tuned to maintain peak operating and asset performance while adapting to changing process and equipment conditions.
  2. Intelligence
    Based on expanded sensor and control data (such as thermodynamics, vibration, acoustics and video), a company can make operating and asset performance much more predictive and preventative.
  3. Dynamic Decision Support
    With AI-supported situational awareness, workers can be provided the optimal course of action for any set of operating conditions. Dynamic decision support helps augment human decision-making and reduce the time to expertise

With Honeywell Forge software, a company can process, analyze and visualize vast amounts of information quickly and accurately. The resulting actionable insights and predictive capabilities enable users to optimize decision-making processes. It plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, reducing risks and ultimately driving smarter, more effective choices, offering a competitive advantage and improved outcomes in our increasingly data-centric world.

“We have expert monitoring systems, but it’s impossible to monitor each system simultaneously. Honeywell [Forge] asset software is flexible and integrates all systems.” — Lundin Norway

“With Honeywell Forge for Buildings analytics working around the clock in the background, we could prioritize outcome-based activity to maintain comfort and energy conditions.” — Adani Enterprises Limited

“Honeywell Forge has empowered us to ensure that our systems are running properly. That type of consistency has been very important, and our customers feel that.” — Gordon Food Service

Honeywell’s Atlanta innovation hub has formed relationships with major universities and professional associations in the area to support the next wave of engineering and technology innovators.

HCE is actively involved in the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). As a key sponsor, Honeywell supports TAG’s mission to energize, promote and educate the tech stars of today and the tech leaders of the future. The organization advances policies, programs and initiatives that grow businesses and Georgia’s technology community

HCE is also invested in Engage, which offers a unique collaboration platform to accelerate Atlanta’s growth as a technology hub. Through partnerships with Fortune 500 companies such as Honeywell, the organization helps high-growth startups accelerate their enterprise go to-market strategies. As an Engage partner, HCE works with entrepreneurs who are developing new business ideas.

These opportunities also create experiences for Honeywell employees to advance their capabilities and gain exposure to leading innovators and top researchers.

Future-forward thinking is in the DNA of Honeywell, and HCE believes you shouldn’t wait for the next big breakthrough to happen when it’s in your ability to create it.

HCE’s close collaboration with some of the most innovative companies in the world equips the software innovation group with unique insights to use software and AI to solve the challenges that face the future of our global community – and hometowns. Because what happens tomorrow is determined by what is done today.

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