HomeLINK’s mission is to advance housing technology to help social landlords solve some of society’s most pressing challenges including climate change, fuel poverty, ageing populations, fire safety, and poor
indoor air quality.

There are 5m social homes in the UK which represents 20% of the entire housing stock. Social housing landlords often each manage upwards of 10,000 homes but need to keep rents as low as possible and meet ever more stringent regulation while trying to improve services to protect tenant safety and wellbeing. They have now found themselves at an inflection point where they need to innovate. Their strategic objectives also often address wider societal challenges; from reducing their carbon footprint, to improving the health of the residents and reducing fuel poverty to help ease the burden on the NHS.

HomeLINK specialises in Social Housing IoT integration and analytics. Having worked closely with dozens of landlords, we have refined our platform, insights, and recommendations carefully over the years to ensure customer value is maintained as our platform scales. We have established partnerships with key sensor providers to ensure we can provide landlords with a web of valuable data that is relevant to the challenges they have.

On a recent trial with Wolverhampton Homes we deployed temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, connected smoke alarms, and smart meters across 6 volunteer homes. We integrated the data into their property management system and provided the residents with a mobile phone app so they could see insights and take action on their data. By empowering residents with their home’s data and sending important alerts directly to the landlord, we were able to identify fire alarm tampering, improve indoor air quality by 19%, reduce mould risk by 30% and reduce electricity consumption by 9%. The overall platform demonstrated a significant return on investment for the landlord.

Our Story

HomeLINK formed in 2017 with a broad ambition of creating a technology company with deep social values and a social mission. A well balanced founding team was put together and since then, HomeLINK has rapidly grown from strength to strength. In our first year we developed an MVP, secured 3 pilot landlords, and raised two seed rounds.

In 2019 we secured several additional pilots, a number of 6 figure contracts to scale up existing pilots and won dozens awards. The team grew from 5 to 14 and we set out to raise a £2m investment round to help fuel the unexpected and exciting growth we were experiencing. Our existing IoT device suppliers showed a lot of interest in taking part in this investment round and we set out to negotiate a closer strategic partnership.

In the Summer of 2020 we closed an acquisition by our industry’s leading brand and a company that shares very similar values to us; Aico. Together, Aico and HomeLINK are set to become the leading provider of IoT technology to social housing landlords.

Looking to the future

Via Aico, HomeLINK has already received almost one hundred additional requests for pilots from landlords who manage millions of social homes. With a seemingly unlimited budget and market appetite for growth we are entering an extremely exciting phase.

Our objectives from day one were to have as big a positive impact on society as possible. We have already proven we can make an impact by reducing carbon emissions, fuel poverty, improving fire safety, and improving the health and wellbeing of social tenants and we are looking forward to exponentially scaling this impact in the coming 5 years.

" It has already been an extremely intense journey; from concept in 2018 to strategic acquisition by the biggest brand in our sector. Since the acquisition we have continued to take huge strides forward and it still feels like the first chapter of something big”.

- – Sam Shiles, Chief Technology Officer, HomeLINK


Future Space - UWE North Gate, Filton Road
Bristol, BS34 8RB

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