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Backed by one of Canada’s most influential families, The Holt family is based on the legacy of Sir Herbert Holt, a key player in the development of Canada. The Holt Accelerator is a global fintech matchmaker with a mission to help early-stage companies cross the chasm. Its platform hosts a network of over 400 advisors, who comprise a diverse pool of talented experts in financial services, technology, entrepreneurship, investment and regulation. Holt aims to create the perfect experience and leverage their advisors’ time as their asset via connections or intelligence that they could provide.

Holt’s selection process begins with their database of 10,000+ fintechs globally that is constantly being improved with a data-driven team and partnerships with university programs focused on AI, like IVADO and Mcgill University. The Holt network is leveraged to better understand the global fintech landscape in combination with their existing thesis for differing verticals to scout Fintechs that fit the Canadian ecosystem.
Finally, the proprietary system streamlines the matching process to better review and eventually support the portfolio companies.

The Story Behind Holt Accelerator

Holt’s founding managing partner, Jan Arp, was a pioneer in helping build the Montreal ecosystem to what it is today. Founder of a non-profit organization called Fintech Cadence, Jan focused on helping early-stage fintechs since “Montreal’s cooperative culture allows for strong collaboration between players servicing entrepreneurs, which ultimately provides massive value for startups. This is especially true regarding the AI ecosystem, in which we’ve orchestrated dozens of deals for startups with other world-leading AI players to further build their product moat”. Jan teamed up with the Holdun family, a fifth-generation family office who saw the opportunity and need to support the fintech industry through the creation of a global fintech accelerator headquartered out of Montreal. With the rising need for AI throughout all aspects of our daily lives, Holt Accelerator focuses on boosting AI capabilities of FinTech businesses leveraging Montreal’s world-class AI ecosystem whilst contributing to Canada’s global fintech leadership.

Elisabeth Laett, Holt’s newest managing partner, has extensive experience in the financial services and AI industry. She was formerly the VP of business development and seed investor at Exagens, a behavioural AI engine company focussed on using machine learning to influence the customer journey.
She has been an active angel investor and has worked hands-on with startups since 2009.

Holt Fintech Accelerator

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