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HireBox talent acquisition and retention specialists are driven by a grand vision: to raise happiness in the workplace! They accomplish this by helping their clients to attract and select ONLY applicants who are willing and able to contribute to their organization success & happiness.

Patrick Valtin, CEO & Founder


HireBox guarantees that individuals they help clients to hire will make them happy or they will continue to work until they are. And when hiring sales professionals, the firm provides a guarantee of performance, thanks to their unique online & live training program, systematically offered to every new sales rep. That’s a mighty big pledge—with a commitment that matches: they share their expertise by teaching how to attract talent that is willing to commit to a culture of happiness and success.

Why? Over 30 years of experience and evaluation of more than 25,00 applicants for more than 5,000 clients have provided the answer. The success of a business relies on its people as its most valuable resource. Hiring, training and retaining valuable employees is, therefore, tantamount to success, only second to the ultimate goal of ensuring people’s happiness at work—as evidenced by recent research.

HireBox directly works with clients to provide:

  • Recruitment process outsourcing – acting as a client’s HR department to handle pre-selection
  • Pre-hire assessment – identify personality characteristics that can negatively affect productivity, effectiveness, and group morale
  • Training & coaching – teaching business clients successful talent acquisition through our No-Fail Hiring system and Hire-Master Training Kit
  • Sales talent acquisition program – recruiting, onboarding and training top salespeople, paired with a guarantee on their performance

Over 55% of business failures and 84% of serious business crises are not due to unfavorable economic environments or lack of marketing—they are due to bad hiring decisions. The cost of hiring mistakes has been calculated at $25K-$50K per person considering the costs of recruiting, interviews, training and orientation, salary, healthcare, and other benefits.



In an article for Entrepreneur Magazine, Patrick Valtin pointed to another risk: “Small business owners know that a primary condition for expansion is their ability to attract and select great talent. But what many of them might ignore is that lack of compliance with employment-related laws could represent a serious threat to their business’s profitability and, worse, its survival.”

To protect small businesses against costly trouble with the E.E.O.C., HireBox also provides training & coaching programs that ensure all legal obligations are satisfied in order to guarantee compliance with applicable regulations.



Patrick Valtin has been a business consultant for the last 30 years and has gained international recognition for his thought leadership in helping & training small businesses. He’s worked with over 5,000 clients, including Coca Cola, Motorola, Ford Motor Company, IBM, Mercedes, BMW, USPS, Group Accor, and Century 21. In 1994, Patrick created the No-Fail Hiring System and the HireBox Testing Platform, to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) expand by surrounding themselves with the best. In the last 17 years, Patrick has operated his international headquarters in the Tampa Bay, Florida. He is the Bestseller of “No-Fail Hiring 2.0” and the developer of “The Hire-Master” Training Program.
—Victoria Zambito, SVP Content & Communications


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