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Create Value-based Care Tools For Integrated Healthcare Providers




Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) is harnessing the power of technology to create value-based care tools for integrated healthcare providers. The company creates innovative solutions that lead to better outcomes, lower costs, and higher-quality care.


One of its primary offerings is its user-friendly and mobile-optimized Axiom Electronic Health Records (EHR) software platform that helps clinics navigate key patient information without having to sift through the clutter. Unlike many legacy EHR offerings, Axiom was designed with the end-user in mind, with a focus on workflow and efficiency, and is uniquely customizable.

Khalid-Al Maskari founded HiMS after serving as an IT consultant for a Behavioral Health Organization. What was meant to be three weeks looking at the company’s software, quickly turned into a full-time position, where he learned the complexities, clinical requirements, and regulations surrounding EHR software.

It didn’t take him long to realize how behind the company’s technology was. He was confident that he could create a better solution. It took a great deal of trial and error, but he succeeded in his endeavors.

In 2014, Al-Maskari founded HiMS to provide an efficient and customizable EHR platform built specifically for the integrated healthcare industry.


HiMS’s primary purpose is to enhance the overall user experience to fit the exact needs of behavioral health clinicians. It does this by looking at the big picture of healthcare innovation and releasing bi-monthly software additions and updates that customers can access at no extra cost.

By using a subscription model rather than a pay per service model, HiMS can make its technology more seamless for its users.The company is also hyper-focused on generating consistent feedback from its customers to improve its products continuously.

Additionally, HiMS sets itself apart from its competition through its unique focus on the behavioral health market and Axiom’s easily customizable interface. Axiom can meet the needs of each clinic without the need for coding—something that most other EHR software platforms lack.

Although all EHR software solutions are customizable to a degree, HiMS delivers superior value by greatly simplifying the process. HiMS is also the only known EHR software company that includes a custom form-builder feature that’s core to the product, helping to eliminate the need for paper records.


Proper forms are critical for higher patient engagement, operational excellence, and compliance, and HiMS is determined to continue leading the market in this area. Because clinics require a variety of forms to treat and manage patients appropriately, HiMS developed an intuitive solution within its platform.

With other EHR software, building custom forms is extremely costly and can take months to be completed. To be an innovation leader, HiMS understands the importance of putting employees first. The company is incredibly focused on its employees.

Of everything HiMS has accomplished, the company is most proud of its company culture and the contributions of its employees. HiMS understands that when employees are well taken care of and when an ownership mentality is encouraged, the possibilities are endless.

The company’s employees see HiMS as part of their long-term future and are excited to see HiMS continue to grow.As the needs of the behavioral health EHR market change, HiMS will be at the forefront of innovation and a rising star to watch in the next decade. The company’s potential for innovation is near limitless, with new advancements continuously on the horizon.


Phoenix offers a friendly environment in which to do business and great opportunities for economic growth—especially in the healthcare technology industry. We also enjoy all the sunshine and natural wonders that the entire state has to offer, including in Tucson, where we have an additional Arizona office.

In terms of EHR software technology, the future will consist of more advanced AI to help healthcare professionals continue reducing administrative costs while providing more intuitive services.

By consistently improving AI technology, healthcare experts will have more time to focus on treating patients without diverting their attention. This increase in clinical decision support will make healthcare operations more efficient, allowing providers to treat more patients per day.

1. Never stop thinking of new ways to improve and innovate. There’s always something that can be done better, faster, and more efficiently.
2. Collaboration is king. Always listen to the customer’s needs and incorporate their feedback into your product or service offering.

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