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Founded in 2017 and based in Montreal, Heyday has quickly established itself as a leader, ranking amongst the Top 10 Global Conversational AI platforms. The company, which has experienced rapid growth, now has over 50 employees spread across its Quebec and France locations.

Today’s consumers expect personalized, self-service experiences and Heyday has understood this very well.

Through its conversational AI platform for retailers and e-commerce merchants, Heyday helps brands such as Decathlon, Simons, Danone, LVMH, Bestseller, Jack & Jones and Mobilia connect with customers across all communication channels (i.e. : email, Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Maps, etc.) to deliver a truly unified and simplified experience throughout their entire shopping journey – which in turn results in higher satisfaction and loyalty rates and consequently, higher sales volumes!

Its hybrid solution combines a smart conversational agent (chatbot), that is available 24-7 to welcome consumers and that functions as the first line of support, with a live chat application that provides a seamless hand-off that enables internal teams to pick up where the bot left off so that they can handle more sensitive or complex issues.

Heyday’s chatbot also helps triage customer requests, by answering repetitive inquiries and automating the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This means that only conversations that require a human touch will be rerouted to the support team.

The chatbot and the application both offer integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms and product catalogs including Shopify, Magento, Salesforce and PrestaShop…

And the results speak for themselves: MAKE UP FOR EVER, which sought to improve its online conversation rate, recorded a whopping 20% increase in its sales in just 6 months. For the sporting goods retailer Decathlon, the implementation of the chatbot resulted in an 875% increase in its Facebook’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), an increase in its loyalty program uptake as well as the automation of over 50% of its online customer service queries.

“With the emergence of the pandemic and physical distancing measures, retailers are also increasingly turning to our services to recreate, online, the shopping experience that their customers are used to enjoying in-store and as a way to drive engagement through personalized conversations across all digital channels”.– Étienne Mérineau, Heyday

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