Pat Geraghty

Chairman/CEO GuideWell

GuideWell is driven by our mission to help people and communities achieve better health, which is why our enterprise is not content that today’s health care industry will serve the needs of people tomorrow.

Better health demands better interactions with consumers, deeper knowledge of what health needs are, and better systems of care.
I can summarize my leadership philosophy at GuideWell in just one statement: “be bold!” You don’t win consumer loyalty and share of wallet if you deliver anything less than an Amazon-like experience. Your competition isn’t planning for incremental gains, and you’ll lose if you do. Now is the time to become obsessed with the customer, and plan all you do – from hiring, to product development, to service, to ongoing engagement – around their needs.
Anticipate what your customer wants and deliver it in the manner they’d want to receive it. This philosophy is how I’ve transformed the GuideWell enterprise from an $8 billion to a $19 billion business in just six-and-a-half years. And I’ll continue to be bold as GuideWell pushes the boundaries of the health care industry in Florida and beyond.


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