Hello AdSales Botswana is a Television and digital sales organization. They manage advertising and sponsorship for some of the leading television channels in SubSaharan Africa such as Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Arabic, The English, Spanish, Italian Football Premier League, StarLife TV, and CBC Television Zambia amongst others.

This focused team of excellence is led by the Managing Director Mr. Gerald Mzwinila, a skilled professional who has over 10 years of working experience. He has also worked for DSTV Media Sales as Lead account Manager, and by doing so, contributed a solid foundation for the future of TV and digital Marketing in Botswana. He has been recently appointed as Head of their SADC Markets for this exceptional media sales organization as per the resolutions passed by the board of Directors.

The Botswana Company comprises of two key sales personnel, an administrative liaison as well as a Finance Director. They have plans to provide further employment opportunities for fellow Botswana Citizens.

Hello AdSales Botswana aim to continue to curate innovative and bespoke media solutions for the African Market. While the idea of advertising, and brand communications, is far from new, the campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated with elements that elevate products from a utility point of view, to a purpose driven cycle, i.e. the impact of a campaign or strategic marketing plan and how it resonates across classes, regardless of that very same utility.

As integration has become more and more important for advertising firms to keep raising the bar on what solutions they can offer to their clientele and how to change the stereotype that 99% of marketing is purely manipulative. There’s a lot to do, and this company is leading the conversations. We have identified the Top 3 problems in the Advertising Industry:

1. Cluttered Media Environments: There are too many adverts clustered in one or two common inter-web spaces, this puts your Ad at serious risk of avoidance or being lost in translation;
2. Lack of Verified Ad Recall in the Digital Age: Specific Post Campaign Reports are a few & far between, confusing generic insights of where your ad was placed, and the impact of placing that ad in the first place; and
3. High & Impulsive Expenditures for Ad Placement: Currently, companies in Africa suffer from the facade that an aggressive marketing campaign means many activations around the same product line. Whereas it actually means using one Ad for multiple platform exposure.

Hello AdSales solves the above three (3) key problems and many more with our smart advertising. Spend once for maximum Brand equity.

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