Business Analytics, Deep Learning, Data Science… banking on artificial intelligence (AI) to help companies make better decisions is not something new for HEC Montréal. In fact, we were the first business school in Quebec to create programs to train experts in the strategic use of data held by organizations.

In the digital economy era, one thing has quickly become obvious: leaders must not only be skilled at recruiting the best analysts in Decision Sciences, they must also have enough knowledge in this area to fully participate in decision-making and anticipate new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This is why HEC Montréal has been busy in recent years setting up a real AI ecosystem that aims to promote not only research, education and the transfer of cutting-edge knowledge, but also the emergence of a business community dedicated to the creation and promotion of innovations.

HEC Montréal currently offers over ten programs in Data Science ranging from certificates to PhDs, which are followed each year by more than 300 future analysts. At the same time, Executive Education HEC Montréal offers more than one hundred short-term courses to enable executives and decision-makers to master the latest trends in management and developments in business intelligence and take full advantage of them.

In matters of research, HEC Montréal enjoys an international reputation in Data Science with its fifteen Chairs and numerous institutes and laboratories including IVADO and Tech3Lab. Inspired by the field, our researchers are not only keen to take science forward, but to also train a new generation of very high-caliber students. On a daily basis, they tackle challenges that the business community and society face in areas as diverse as user experience, healthcare, transport logistics, machine learning, humanitarian aid, etc. Many of our professors are also members of leading research institutes including Mila (Quebec institute for artificial intelligence research).

With these achievements, HEC Montréal has now enviably positioned itself on several focal aspects of the innovation chain and is thus regarded as a key player in turning Montréal into a global AI hub.

HEC Montréal

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