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HealthJoy is a first-of-its-kind platform on a mission to simplify the benefits experience for employees everywhere. With a mobile platform built around personalized guidance and AI technology, HealthJoy empowers employees to better use and understand their benefits.

It’s no secret that our healthcare and benefits systems are broken. At HealthJoy, we’re striving to solve a problem we interact with every single day.

The HealthJoy story begins in 2014. Coming off a ski injury, our co-founder Justin Holland needed an affordable MRI service that wouldn’t break the bank, despite his high-deductible insurance plan. Justin couldn’t believe how difficult his search turned out to be. Along with high school friend Doug Morse-Schindler, he founded HealthJoy to begin building a better healthcare experience.

HealthJoy was born in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. The “office” was on the floor next to the kitchen, and our co-founders lived above. The earliest versions of HealthJoy were designed to guide individuals through selecting, using, and making the most of Affordable Care Act insurance plans.

Using a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining, we served 60,000 members with hundreds of different individual ACA insurance plans in all 50 states in 2015.

By 2016, our innovative solution caught the eye of the corporate sector as companies began to see the value in simplifying the employee benefits experience. It was clear that pivoting to the employer healthcare space would allow HealthJoy to bring bigger change to the benefits experience while continuing to scale. We launched HealthJoy for groups in 2017 and haven’t looked back.

Since that time, we’ve used personalized guidance and AI tech to change the way employees experience their benefits.

Key features

  • Benefits Wallet – a single location for all your employee benefit cards, always available at your fingertips
  • JOY – our virtual benefits assistant speeds up request and engages employees with proactive, personalized messages
  • Healthcare concierge – live support team helps your employees find care, book appointments, and make smart healthcare choices
  • Bill review – our team can review, advise, and advocate for your employees when issues arise, saving time and money
  • Rx Savings – using nine different strategies, our team uncovers prescription savings for employees
    HSA, FSA, HRA, and 401K Integration – up-to-date balances and live support help employees prioritize wellness
  • Employer dashboard – the insight employers need to promote program success

Changing the employee benefits experience

At HealthJoy, our growing team of 200+ employees know the current system isn’t working. We’re connected by a commitment to change that. Our work is driven by a set of values:

  • Open Mind – We are open to have our minds blown. We choose to be open about our thoughts and actions. We are open to receiving and giving feedback and praise. We understand that self-improvement takes small step, commitment, and time.
  • No Ego – We can disagree and then commit. We seek responsibility to achieve goals, not to increase influence. We don’t remind people of failures for conversational gain.
  • Accountable – Accountability = Responsibility = Ownership. Deliver a better healthcare experience to our members. Bring a better benefits experience to our customers and distribution partners. Hold each other accountable across projects, objectives, successes, and failures.
  • Deliver JOY – Every day, for our members, customers, and partners. We focus on what’s important and we deliver. No detail is too small.
  • Care – Our compassion for our user and love for what we do helps us deliver amazing experiences.

By fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates our differences, we’re able to live these core values daily. Bringing a variety of perspectives to the table helps us innovate, solve problems, and build the future of benefits together.

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