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As value-based care and value-based reimbursement gain momentum within the healthcare industry, healthcare delivery organizations must adapt quickly to the changing landscape. They are expected to provide better information and greater access to quality and superior care and outcomes for its members, all at a lower cost. The obstacles many companies face when trying to meet this demand stem from coordination challenges, outdated legacy technology, and inefficient information management.




HealthAxis Group is an innovative partner for those who want to revolutionize healthcare services and become leaders in the industry. Headquartered in Tampa, HealthAxis Group has charted an appropriately unique and intriguing course to blur the lines between a 50+-year-old company and a cutting-edge startup. The oldest company that now makes up HealthAxis Group was founded in 1965 and in the late 1970s became the industry’s first SAAS-basedhosted enterprise application administration system. Far more recently, the company launched the most advanced application suite for healthcare administration, care management, and data and analytics. HealthAxis Group breaks the mold by being simultaneously the most experienced and the most modern technology company in its space.
The comprehensive platform includes enterprise software, a multitude of portals for all types of healthcare stakeholders, a robust private cloud, and services around analytics, data management, and associated BPO services. These enable healthcare organizations to increase administrative efficiency, lower costs, and improve the quality and delivery of patient care. Plus, it is highly customizable–tailoring logic, workflow, and interfaces to meet each client’s unique strategy. As more models for healthcare delivery are tested at the federal, state, and employer levels, HealthAxis Group’s platform can be a single solution through it all. The core system can efficiently and effectively manage appeals and grievances, credentialing, medical management, care coordination, provider directories and more.




HealthAxis Group solutions are built upon the proven success of its collective leadership and the experience of over 230 employees who aim to advance modern healthcare software and bring innovative solutions to the industry. The team is well equipped to deliver the next generation of healthcare software and resolve key business challenges for the clients they serve: Managed care organizations, commercial and private health plans, third-party administrators, risk-bearing provider organizations and medical providers.
“To remind ourselves to be open, dynamic and innovative in serving our customers, our mindset is that our clients are not really clients,” says Shilen Patel, CEO. “rather, they are our partners.
Our success is dependent on their success and sustainability within the rapidly changing healthcare system. This means not just delivering software and writing code; but using our creativity, curiosity, and capabilities to collaboratively provide alternatives to crippling legacy technologies and outdated ideologies.”
Our Vision and Mission:

  • Our vision is healthcare rebooted as a completely efficient, information-driven and cooperative institution.
  • Our mission is to ceaselessly improve the speed and quality of information and decisions in healthcare.

“To remind ourselves to be open, dynamic and innovative in serving our customers, our mindset is that our clients are not really clients, rather, they are our partners.”

Shilen Patel, CEO

Shilen Patel is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of HealthAxis Group, as well as a serial entrepreneur and investor who has spent his entire career leading companies in the Healthcare IT space.
Prior to founding HealthAxis Group, Mr. Patel was a top executive and part-owner of Visionary Healthware for nine years. Under his leadership, Visionary Healthware achieved 30x growth and received recognition as one of America’s 100 largest healthcare IT companies before being acquired by an international public company.
He is also an active early-stage and private equity investor in various ventures, as well as founding multiple other enterprises of his own. His investments range from tiny startups to more visible and remote assets such as ownership in Bologna FC, a soccer team competing with the likes of Juventus and AC Milan in Italy’s Serie A.
In 2017, Shilen became a co-founder and Chairman of the TiE Tampa Bay Angel Fund, a $3 million fund established to financially support Florida startups, improve understanding and awareness of angel investing among Tampa Bay investors, and help startups fulfill their potential as value drivers and community assets. Mr. Patel is also highly active in the management and formation of the Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Family’s Office, which holds a nine-figure portfolio of real estate, direct and indirect investments, and marketable securities. He also recently agreed to chair the Creative Entrepreneurship Lab, a non-profit initiative related to the Tampa Innovation Alliance, which will support entrepreneurial activity in the USF area and at the Uptown (former University Mall) site. Additionally, Shilen is a founding Director of Central Bank, a community bank which services Tampa, St Augustine, and Winter Park.
In 2013, Mr. Patel graduated from the EMBA-Global programme at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and the London Business School with an MBA from both institutions. He received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at Babson College in 2002.
Shilen credits much of his success and opportunity to extraordinary role models. His parents, Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel, are two of the Tampa Bay Area’s most successful and well-known business people and philanthropists.
Mr. Patel has always appreciated the power of business to transform lives and communities by creating prosperity and carries with him a strong sense of responsibility to make good things happen for others in any pursuit of personal achievement.

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