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Is a free online program that facilitates the discovery of using art to heal yourself, others, and community

Healing with the Arts is a free online program that facilitates the discovery of using art to heal yourself, others, and community. Mary Rockwood Lane is the creator of this innovative course that strives to create a global arts community through social media and networking. It is designed to let you work at your own pace. Everyone is an artist!

Dr. Lane is a professor, painter, nurse, life coach, and Sacred Activist who has co-authored six books on art, spirituality, wisdom traditions, and healing. She discovered the power of art when she painted herself out of a severe depression. Art transformed her life. Through what she learned from her journey, Mary became the co-founder and director emeritus of the UF Health Arts in Medicine program at the University of Florida, and she created the first artist-in-residence program in healthcare in the United States. Currently, she teaches Creativity and Spirituality in Healthcare at the UF College of Nursing. She has become a Global Ambassador of Caring Science working closely with the world-famous nursing leader, Dr. Jean Watson. Mary is an international speaker and faculty with the Watson Caring Science Institute. In 2020, she will speak at the Middle East Nursing Conference on Caring as the Path to Peace.

After her father retired in 1968 from the Air Force, Gainesville became Mary’s home. As a community activist, she has been inspired to give back in many ways to this incredible community. She is committed to supporting the arts in our local community and believes in supporting local artists as powerful image makers that inspire and create beauty (it turns out that Gainesville is an artsy town!) Mary’s innovative spirit has inspired her to start many grassroots programs, like the recent initiative of placing public art downtown, supporting Dance Alive!, and starting the Harn Museum Docent program before the museum was even built.

Because Gainesville is a Tree City and ancient oaks surround her home, Mary has also become passionate about land conservation. She believes caring for our environment is good for our health, and she was instrumental in creating the Kanapaha Wild Life Sanctuary. Her latest endeavor is leading a women’s retreat, The Artemis Sacred Journey, to honor and empower women. The retreat takes place in the Ancient Temples of the Goddess in Tinos, Greece.

Mary hopes that her free online program, Healing with the Arts, will transform lives. The course facilitates personal transformation and selfactualization by activating the potential of a learner’s creativity and destiny to live their best life.

Sign up for the Healing with the Arts course at www.healingwiththearts.com, or join the Facebook group! This group was formed to cultivate community among people all over the world to share their work and what they have created. You can find the Facebook group under Healing with the Arts on the social media platform.

To learn more about Mary, visit her website at www.maryrockwoodlane.com.

Healing with the Arts

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