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HdE AGENCY is a Bristol-based performance Growth Marketing agency at the heart of Europe’s fastest growing digital technology cluster. We work across a range of leading and emerging digital channels, helping some of the biggest and most ambitious Digi-tech businesses scale, growing their brand, their audience and their profits.

The company was formed in 2019 by founders, Ashley Wheeler and Dale Graham after the pair discovered that innovative and pioneering tech products bought to market often plummeted to an undeserving failure.

During their time working as marketing consultants, the pair witnessed, firsthand, the acute challenges faced by technology businesses. It was apparent that there were costly gaps in the ecosystem as a whole, with very few dedicated growth marketing services for the region’s rapidly-growing tech industry.

And so, HdE AGENCY was born and the journey towards bridging the disconnect between sales and marketing for ambitious technology businesses began.

A true enabler of innovation
Unprecedented growth for both our clients and ourselves has remained at the heart of our vision here at HdE AGENCY.

We aim to not only help businesses grow and prosper through our services, but to also further promote Bristol and the South West as the hub for the digital and technology sector. By helping to scale this burgeoning ecosystem, we aim to attract more inward investment opportunities to the city, creating the perfect environment for future prosperity.

We pride ourselves on being a ‘no-fluff’ agency, and this is a reputation we have built amongst our clients off of the back of our strategic and performance-based approach.
We leverage a whole spectrum of marketing and business intelligence tools to identify real opportunities for growth. From this, we create winning performance marketing campaigns that garner dramatic results.

Growth at our very core
Though a relatively young and fresh-faced company, the team’s experience and the impact of HdE AGENCY’s work is far from novice.

Collectively, the team bring years of experience working for, and alongside, some of the world’s largest agencies including WPP, Dentsu, Ogilvy and Saatchi & Saatchi. Ash also brings years of leadership experience working for technology spinouts, giving us a first-hand experience of the challenges associated with early stage and scale-up businesses.

We’ve combined this experience of working with some of the world’s biggest agencies and early stage startups to design a perfectly-packaged service that truly understands and serves the region’s digital and technology demands.

In just our first year as an agency, we have generated over $1million in sales and have grown the size of the team fivefold during a global pandemic, three national lockdowns, a myriad of Zoom meetings and through the “Erm, you’re on pause again…” era.

Looking to the future, there’s much to be excited about for HdE AGENCY. From smashing performance milestones with clients old and new, to continuing the expansion of HdE GROUP (currently HdE AGENCY and HdE TALENT) to create a thriving ecosystem for growth that will support the region’s digital and technology businesses at every stage of their growth cycle.



HdE TALENT are the digital and technology recruitment specialists, working with fast growth global businesses. We were founded on the ambition to reimagine recruitment, something we demonstrate with our use of cutting edge technology, behavioural science techniques and, most importantly, our application. We are proud to work with some of the biggest and most ambitious Digi-tech businesses in the world, helping our clients accelerate their growth goals by connecting them with the best talent in the space.

HdE TALENT was born out of HdE AGENCY, forming HdE GROUP.

The natural extension to the brand, Co-Founders Ash and Dale saw time and time again the pains of fast-growing businesses: the difficulty in discovering that much-needed talent to drive growth further. The idea became a reality when in 2020, Scott Murphy was appointed Managing Director. Scott brought with him over 10 years of extensive recruitment experience, having worked with some of the biggest companies of today including Aon, Lloyds Banking Group, Hitachi, Microsoft and Barclays PLC. On top of his impressive background, Scott also proved to be the perfect addition in fostering the group’s philosophy of accelerating client growth.

After spending years watching tech scaleups struggle to onboard skilled talent, Scott knew change was needed within this sector. He sat down and spoke with key industry players about the challenges they were facing and the gaps that needed addressing.

From this, it was clear a new approach to talent acquisition was required ; one that actually listens to the market and delivers spectacular results.

At HdE TALENT, we believe our blended expertise across digital, marketing and recruitment is our superpower.

We approach recruitment as technologists and marketeers first, having spent months developing a powerful stack that harnesses the latest technology and forming talent attraction techniques to solve some of the toughest hiring challenges.

Alongside this, we run large-scale marketing campaigns that harness insights and behaviours to discover hidden talent. This approach has also allowed us to execute our mission of not cannibalising the existing technology talent market, but to invest in attracting top talent to the region to support its continued and sustainable growth.

As the region’s digital and technology cluster continues to expand, we look forward to supporting this growth and innovation by identifying and nurturing world-class technology talent like no other.

Bristol is a big part of our group identity. Not only is it one of the leading tech hubs in the UK, but it’s also a city roaring with inspiration. The ultimate hotbed for creativity and innovation. A place enriched with culture and diversity and a city that dares to be different. A small city that packs a mighty punch.

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